Meridian Dealers Can Now Sell Barco and Cinema-ATS Acoustic Treatments

WebMeridian Audio just announced a new partnership with Cinema-ATS, a supplier of acoustic treatment solutions for home cinemas. As part of the new agreement, Meridian dealers will be able to specify and deliver the full range of Cinema-ATS products — without having to commit to any minimums. This arrangement is part of a strategic plan to establish a complementary high-performance network of brands that make their products available to dealers around the world, including brands like Barco, DT Screens and QNAP. Meridian tells rAVe more partnerships are coming, too.

As anyone knows, audio quality is critical in a home cinema and one of the most important factors is acoustical treatment of the walls and ceiling. Cinema-ATS provides innovative and comprehensive solutions that have been specifically designed to address the Three “R’s” of acoustics and the most common problems found in home cinema audio: resonance, reverberation and reflection.

The Cinema-ATS Complete line is designed for installation on all four walls and if also desired, the ceiling. It combines scattering panels to optimize reverberation and reflection, and the Multipanel, a dual-purpose absorber, which effectively tackles resonance for total system design flexibility. The scattering panels and Multipanel are just 50 millimeters deep, much shallower than conventional acoustic systems. This significantly increases the range of projects where the system can be installed, as many home cinema owners are unwilling or unable to sacrifice the space required for conventional, much deeper acoustic treatments.

Offering standard layouts and fixed quantities of materials, the Cinema-ATS Packs line is a simplified solution that makes it particularly easy for integrators to specify and install acoustic treatments. Each Pack includes 12 scattering panels and 12 Foamsorber panels that are combined to optimize reverberation and reflection. Guidelines for subwoofer positioning are supplied to tackle resonance and ensure that the Three “R’s” of acoustics are well managed. The simplicity of the Cinema-ATS Pack not only allows dealers to reduce to the time they spend on an installation, but the easy packing and storage of the Cinema-ATS Pack means that they can safely stock product and easily transport it to the job site.

To help create home cinemas, Meridian offers a free Design & Specification Service for dealers to assist dealers in planning their projects. Cinema-ATS is now fully integrated into this service, alongside Meridian’s own audio systems and Barco’s projectors, to provide installers with a complete audio-visual scheme.

Here are the details.