The Founder of projectiondesign Debuts New Projector Company Dubbed norxe

norxe-1116Using all lower-case letter again, the founder of projectiondesign, Jorn Eriksen, launched another projector company in the form of norxe. norxe is debuting on the market first with a lineup of projectors aimed at simulation but have plans to expand the line by ISE.

Located in Fredrikstad, Norway, where projectiondesign was started, Eriksen has assembled many of the originals from projectiondesign to launch the company and says that they are aiming for high-end projection including simulation, VR (virtual reality), control rooms and medical applications — all above 4,000 lumens.

The first model, launched this week, is the P1. The norxe P1 projector is spec’d at 4,000 ANSI lumens using solid-state LED illumination. ISE in Amsterdam will be their big roll-out and they are looking for dealers.

Norxe is here.