MediaWall V 4K UHD Display Processor Adds Multiple Wall Capability

MediaWall-V-Panel_3RU_3D-0116RGB Spectrum’s MediaWall V 4K UHD video wall processors can now do multiple walls. The multiple wall option lets you operate up to 3 independent walls from a single MediaWall V processor.

This option is designed for security operations centers (SOCs), emergency operations centers (EOCs), control rooms, and other applications where you have more than one video wall in a room or additional video walls installed in adjacent rooms and each video wall is completely independent allowing different wall geometries (e.g., 1×6, 2×3) with unique window layouts, presets, and source routing.

mediawall-0116The MediaWall V processor supports up to 36 video/graphic direct inputs and up to 28 outputs/display devices. It processes a full range of I/O resolutions including 4K (4096×2160), UHD (3840×2160), 2K (2048×1152/1080), and HD (1920×1080) — RGB Spectrum does NOT specify a 4K color sampling rate, however. Inputs are fully scalable for output to a UHD video wall or for display on standard video walls. An optional Application Processor (AP) decodes IP camera and other H.264 streams. HDCP capability allows the display of protected content.

RGB says the 4K video wall processor can display any configuration of window layouts across a multi-screen array. Windows can be sized as required anywhere, within or across screen boundaries, in any aspect ratio and zoomed in to emphasize details.

Here are all the tech specs.