MAXHUB Was Born for Large Scenes Presentation at ISE 2020

maxhub1920x10 80 邀请函For years, MAXHUB aspires to provide an immersive, interactive solution for large scenes presentation. In ISE 2020, MAXHUB debuts its latest updated solutions with two founding LED Wall.

Catering to various room layouts and delivering spectacular meeting experience, a MAXHUB integrated LED wall offers effortless and flexible installation with light and thin features. The thickness is down to 28.8mm thickness, and each cabinet weighs down to 4.8kg. According to the research from MAXHUB Lab, MAXHUB Integrated LED Walls are proved to be around 30% lighter than the industry average.

Together with mobile stand, MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall can be moved to different places as you need. Also, MAXHUB provides wall mounting and ceiling hanging installation, and seven sizes from 110” to 220” as your options to fit various sizes of space and different room layout.

With a new 3-in-1 board that integrates what used to be isolated parts into a single enclosure, MAXHUB delivers full-front service and easy maintenance that offer users a care-free meeting experience. MAXHUB supports hot-swapping the tiles. With everything integrated into the system, MAXHUB brings users a one-stop technical service and support with streamlined efficiency.

Uniting various talent in light and think one makes MAXHUB become a better choice for your meeting.

MAXHUB Interactive Meeting Room Solutions with Increased Engagement

A MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall featuring outstanding interaction design and mirroring technology to makes your presentations smarter. MAXHUB Integrated LED wall support real-time screen-sharing from up to 4 devices including PCs, Macs, i(Pad)OS devices and Android devices allow everyone to share their ideas easily.

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Apart from screen-sharing, interaction with the MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall via smartphones and tablets achieves turning pages, opening files & applications, making onscreen annotations, etc. Each meeting would be more efficient.

MAXHUB Auditorium with description 画板 1MAXHUB Infuse Auditoriums Solutions with Immersive Meeting Experience

A MAXHUB Ultra-wide Integrated LED Wall that offers more ways of visual aids, including Single, Dual, and Centered screen mode. For spacious auditoriums, MAXHUB Ultra-wide supports up to five different signal inputs with multiple contents.

MAXHUB LED Walls are compatible with MAXHUB Smart Podiums. A MAXHUB Smart Podium integrates a PC, gooseneck microphones, and a touch screen. In an auditorium or a lecture hall, together with a MAXHUB Smart Podium, MAXHUB LED walls achieve real-time annotation and interaction. The height of a MAXHUB Smart Podium is electrically adjustable to match the height of the speaker, giving you a boost of confidence on the stage.

Explore MAXHUB the latest updated solutions in Novotel Amsterdam City Hotel the during the ISE.

Due to the recent public health situation in various countries/territories in the world, MAXHUB is renewing the booth location, moving it from 8-C125, RAI to Calla Room, Novotel Amsterdam City, at Europaboulevard 10, 1083 AD Amsterdam, 800 meters from the Entrance C, RAI.

Come to visit us, meet with subject matter experts, and see what the future looks like with MAXHUB LED Wall in ISE 2020.

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