Martin Audio Unveils CDD

martinaudio-0615Martin Audio introduced a major new dedicated installation loudspeaker range called the CDD Series at InfoComm. Combining curved enclosures with Coaxial Differential Dispersion technology, the series is designed for installs. CDD has six two-way full-range coaxial systems — from the micro CDD5 to the larger CDD15, plus high-performance subwoofers, covering the majority of install applications. All models come in black or white as standard, and all RAL color variants are available as special order.

Martin Audio says its Coaxial Differential Dispersion technology delivers “more consistent audience coverage than systems with fixed dispersion X° x Y° horns,” projecting more output to the rear of the audience to distribute sound evenly from front-to-back, while having wide horizontal coverage close-up. This increased coverage area can reduce the speaker count in larger installations.

The CDD Series has also been designed to be visually appealing. Molded in rigid UPM Formi — a natural fiber composite which combines stiffness with excellent internal damping properties — the curved shape allows each enclosure to be discreetly mounted close to a wall or ceiling. They can also be used in either horizontal or vertical orientation, with rotation of the coaxial driver easily accomplished by removing the screw free, protective grille.

Here are the details.