LynTec Will Demonstrate New Power Control Solutions at InfoComm 2023

lyntec infocomm 2023

LynTec is demonstrating new power control solutions at booth 4161 at InfoComm 2023, June 14-16 in Orlando, Florida. Based on the hugely successful legacy PDS and LCRP lines, LynTec will display its new PDS-12 Sequencing Relay Panel, LCRP-12 Lighting Control Relay Panel, and the PoE and Ethernet-enabled Smart Switch Sets, along with LynTec’s award-winning, flagship RPC Remote Control Breaker Panel.

LynTec Image “Whether in the concert hall, sanctuary, studio, or stadium, our aim is to give customers the flexibility to manage their unique power control needs for AVL components deployed in a multitude of verticals,” said Mark Bishop, president of LynTec. “Based on direct feedback from our customers, we’ve upgraded our legacy solutions. The new PDS-12 and LCRP-12 build on the reliable and robust power control features that made our PDS-10 and LCRP-10 popular for so many years. This critical redesign lowers costs and improves performance across the board. The new Smart Switch Sets take the legacy SS-2 Switch Sets into our digital GUI, so wiring home runs from the panels to the switches is no longer needed.”

LynTec’s PDS-12 and LCRP-12 are low-cost, feature-rich panels with four, eight, or 12 30-amp single-pole latching Panasonic relays installed in a compact, 1-square-foot NEMA 1R or 3R enclosure. Both panels feature individual step delays between each relay, emergency off by circuit, emergency on for lighting by circuit, as well as under- and over-voltage sensing for brownout and voltage spike protection. Both enable easy setup via the LED display and rotary encoder. For building automation, the PDS-12 BACnet IP is expandable, while the LCRP is fully DMX-compatible for installations that need lighting power control. Increasing flexibility for installers, the panels can also be added to existing systems — a feature also available with the company’s LCP and RPC Power Control solutions.

Boasting the same familiar appearance and ease of operability as LynTec’s SS-2 Switch Set, the new Smart Switch Set features PoE and Ethernet connectivity to control LynTec RPC, RPCR, LCP, NPAC, and XPC individual zones. This eliminates wiring from switches to the panel. Each switch set is programmed with a web browser to identify the target panel and zone. Integrators can install Smart Switch Sets at multiple locations to control panels in the same or different zones, with each displaying the current zone status. In addition, by connecting to standard SS-2 switches, they are expandable to control two zones. They’re available as a wall plate switch or in a mountable rack plate for simple control at the rack.

LynTec will display its flagship, patented RPC Series — the power control solution from which all LynTec’s innovative power control solutions stem and the premier choice among pro AVL designers, consultants, and integrators. The suite of power control options includes the RPC motorized circuit breaker panels with 30 to 84 controllable breakers per panel, the RPCR electrical relay panels that support eight to 64 relays per panel, and the NPAC rack-mounted relay panel. Based on the G3 Powerlink™ hardware platform by Square D and engineered to simplify buildouts by accelerating the installation process, the power control solution decreases operating costs with simple wiring that allows electricians to complete installs quickly and easily, and removes additional steps, costs, and space needed to install a separate relay panel. It can control lighting and AV systems across multiple control zones using multiple control protocols (HTTP, Telnet, sACN, DMX, and RS-232). From LynTec’s GUI, users can select the protocol for each zone as well as set up, troubleshoot, control, and monitor the status remotely across existing networks from any connected computer or hand-held smart device. The system can send alert notifications via text or email to warn of panel anomalies.