LynTec Now Shipping Smart Switch Sets With PoE and Ethernet Connectivity

July 19, 2023

LynTec is shipping its new Smart Switch Sets. The new Smart Switch Sets add PoE and Ethernet connectivity, allowing it to be programmed via LynTec’s web-based interface in order to identify specific panels and zones of LynTec’s RPC, RPCR, LCP, NPAC, and XPC power distribution solutions. Boasting the same appearance and ease of operability as […]

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Lyntec Shows LCRP-12 Lighting Control Relay Panel at InfoComm 2023

June 16, 2023

Lyntec is here at InfoComm showing its new LCRP-12 Lighting Control Relay Panel. The LCRP-12 panel builds on the reliable lighting, sequencing, and power control features of the company’s legacy LCRP-10 relay panel — one of LynTec’s most popular products — with a critical redesign that delivers additional cost savings and features, including compatibility with […]

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LynTec Will Demonstrate New Power Control Solutions at InfoComm 2023

June 7, 2023

LynTec is demonstrating new power control solutions at booth 4161 at InfoComm 2023, June 14-16 in Orlando, Florida. Based on the hugely successful legacy PDS and LCRP lines, LynTec will display its new PDS-12 Sequencing Relay Panel, LCRP-12 Lighting Control Relay Panel, and the PoE and Ethernet-enabled Smart Switch Sets, along with LynTec’s award-winning, flagship […]

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LynTec Joins Q-SYS Technology Partner Program

January 19, 2023

LynTec announced it has joined the Q-SYS Technology Partner Program. This program enables software and hardware technology partners to create market-ready solutions that integrate seamlessly with Q-SYS, a cloud-manageable audio, video, and control platform. As part of the program, LynTec has worked closely with Q-SYS, which has fully vetted and endorsed the LynTec Plugin for […]

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LynTec Breaker Panels, Columns Now Part of Wenger Corporation Stagelink Power Management System

January 4, 2023

LynTec announced its motorized breaker panels and columns are part of Wenger Corporation’s new Stagelink Power Management System for performance venues. Stagelink includes a 19-inch EIA control module with full-sized and narrow-profile motorized breaker panels. Wenger’s Stagelink power management system is built with LynTec’s motorized breaker panels and features the Square D Powerlink hardware platform […]

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Q-SYS Launches its Technology Partner Program, Offering Certified Integration to Q-SYS Platform

December 6, 2022

Q-SYS launches its Technology Partner Program with integration partners representing a growing list of Q-SYS plugins. As part of the program, plugins will receive endorsement badges indicating they have been verified or certified and offer integration with the Q-SYS Platform. These partners now have access to the Q-SYS Technology Partner Hub, a centralized portal with […]

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LynTec Announces the PDS-12 Sequencing Relay Panel Featuring Voltage Spike Protection

November 18, 2022

LynTec just debuted its new PDS-12 Sequencing Relay Panel. The PDS-12 panel builds on the reliable power control features of the legacy PDS-10 relay panel. LynTec’s PDS-12 is a relay panel with four, eight or twelve, 30-amp single-pole latching Panasonic relays installed in a compact, 1-sqaure-foot NEMA 1R or 3R enclosure. The new panel features […]

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LynTec’s New Smart Switch Sets Feature PoE and Ethernet Connectivity

November 17, 2022

Today LynTec debuted its new Smart Switch Sets. The new Smart Switch Sets add PoE and Ethernet connectivity, allowing it to be programmed via LynTec’s web-based interface in order to identify specific panels and zones of LynTec’s RPC, RPCR, LCP, NPAC and XPC power distribution solutions. Using the same familiar appearance and operability as LynTec’s […]

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IPS Taps LynTec to Support the Massive Lighting Install at FirstBank Amphitheater

June 21, 2022

LENEXA, Kan. — June 21, 2022 — LynTec, a leading manufacturer of innovative electrical power control solutions for professional audio, video, and lighting (AVL) systems, is providing simple, web-enabled, on/off power control and monitoring for FirstBank Amphitheater’s concession and perimeter lighting and future broadcast studio. Integrated Production Solutions (IPS) installed LynTec’s patented RPC Breaker Panels, RPCR […]

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LynTec Details InfoComm 2022 Plans

May 17, 2022

LynTec announced it will showcase its power control product lineup in booth W2939 at InfoComm 2022 in Las Vegas. The company will display its award-winning RPC family of power control solutions, the Lighting Control Panel (LCP) Series, Narrow Profile Panelboards, and the Xtend Power Control (XPC) Series. All LynTec’s power control solutions stem from the patented RPC family of panelboards. […]

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LynTec Will Showcase New Lighting Control Products at InfoComm 2021

September 16, 2021

LynTec announced it will showcase its new lighting control product lineup with the LCP Lighting Control Panel Series and Narrow Profile Panelboards in Booth 6049 at InfoComm 2021 in Orlando, Florida. The company will also display its RPC family of power control solutions and the Xtend Power Control (XPC) Series. The LCP Series supports the […]

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LynTec Releases LCP Lighting Control Panel Series

January 19, 2021

LynTec is kicking off the first phase of its new lighting control product lineup with the LCP Lighting Control Panel Series. Designed exclusively for lighting and video wall installations, the LCP Series is built on the same Square D G3 Powerlink controllable circuit breaker platform as the patented RPC Power Control Series, but with the […]

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LynTec Details InfoComm 2019 Plans

May 17, 2019

LynTec announced it will showcase the latest additions to its extensive and robust power control range in booth 4154 at InfoComm 2019. The company will display new Xtend Power Control (XPC) Series and the NPAC Series, which bring the features found in its full line of patented RPC Control Series also being shown at the […]

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LynTec Adds Extron Control Drivers

May 2, 2019

LynTec announced a series of drivers that enable control of LynTec’s RPC, RPCR, XPC, NPAC and SC solutions from Extron controllers. Developed and tested by Extron, these drivers allow integrators to easily add LynTec’s series of network-enabled products into Extron control systems with simple drag-and-drop setup and configuration. The product-specific drivers integrate control of the […]

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LynTec Debuts New XPC Power Control Products

October 3, 2018

LynTec has introduced its new line of Xtend Power Control (XPC) remote relay modules and a standalone controller. LynTec’s new XPC remote relay modules extend beyond the traditional reach of the company’s relay panels and motorized circuit breakers. Enclosed in a metal cube, they can be placed anywhere: in the rack, on rigging, behind line […]

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LynTec Resolves Power Control Complexities With New Scalable Solutions at InfoComm 2018

May 2, 2018

LynTec will showcase its power control solutions for venues of any size at booth C1319 at InfoComm 2018 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, June 6-8. On display will be the company’s Whole Venue Control offering as well as its Single DMX Address Zone Control feature and the outbound relay (O/R) control option for its award-winning Networkable Power Automation […]

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LynTec Adds to Power Control Lineup With New Single DMX Address Zone Control Feature

January 23, 2018

LynTec today announced the release of Single DMX Address Zone Control, an optional control system feature for the company’s RPC family of motorized circuit breaker panels, RPCR remote-controlled relay panels and NPAC rack-mounted relay panels. Enabling use of a single DMX address to turn on and off a selected group of electrical circuits, the new feature reduces the number of […]

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LynTec Offers Whole Venue Control Capabilities

October 26, 2017

LynTec today announced its new Whole Venue Control offering. Whole Venue Control gives customers the option to mix and match LynTec’s RPC Remote Control Breaker Panels, RPCR Automated Relay Panels and new NPAC Multi-Circuit Rackmount units within the same network on a single interface. LynTec’s Whole Venue Control capabilities allow system designers to create a completely tailored AVL power control […]

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LynTec Announces InfoComm 2017 Plans

May 24, 2017

LynTec today announced it will showcase its first rackmountable power control solution in booth 5169 at InfoComm 2017, June 14-17 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Bringing all of the power control features found in the company’s popular RPC Series panel to the rack, the Networkable Power Automation Control (NPAC) is a complete, ready-to-install 2RU power […]

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LynTec Adds Over-Voltage Protection to RPC Panel Family

February 9, 2017

LynTec today announced the addition of over-voltage protection to its RPC and RPCR series power control panels. The new over-voltage protection will function like the panels’ under-voltage protection. The system will monitor the incoming voltage and automatically shut off any protected circuits when the voltage reads 20 percent above or below the selected voltage level for two seconds. When the […]

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LynTec Announces New IPC Panel — All-in-One Breaker Panel and Isolation Transformer

December 17, 2015

LynTec today announced the Integrated Power Center (IPC) panel, a circuit breaker panel and isolation transformer integrated into one enclosure. LynTec’s IPC panel adds award-winning control to Schneider Electric’s space- and labor-saving Integrated Equipment product line, which is designed to reduce material-handling costs on the job site by delivering complete, ready-to-install units. As part of […]

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New LynTec I/O-R Board Claims Simplified Control Setup and Operation

October 20, 2015

LynTec today announced the new Input/Output-Relay (I/O-R) board for the Remote Power Controller (RPC) platform. The I/O-R board expands RPC control options to include control for high-current contactors and UPS outlets, giving users more flexibility to connect and control complex systems on a single control platform, instead of using multiple control systems. This capability dramatically […]

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LynTec Expands RPC Panel Lineup to Support More Circuit Breakers Per Panel

August 28, 2015

LynTec today announced it has added three new circuit count panels to its RPC line of remote-control breaker panels. The new panels make it possible for LynTec customers to add more circuits to their designs in the same horizontal wall space to control a greater number of components, as needed.Taking advantage of a change in the National Electrical Code […]

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LynTec Intros Built-in Scheduling Module for Remote Power Control Platform

August 3, 2015

LynTec today introduced new timed event scheduling and astronomical clock capabilities on its Remote Power Control (RPC) and RPCR Automated Relay Panel products. Enabling timed control of on/off events at the circuit level, the innovations provide customers with the market’s simplest scheduling system to both program and use. Included on all LynTec’s motorized RPC circuit […]

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LynTec Debuts Remote Power Control Mobile

March 24, 2014

Described as an “intelligent power distribution panel,” LynTec’s new Remote Power Control Mobile (RPCM) offers portable power with motorized circuit breakers; current monitoring at the branch circuit level; and remote monitoring capabilities for power distribution to theaters, arenas and any place where power needs to be mobile and monitored. Housed in a portable rolling rack […]

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LynTec Launches Intelligent Mobile Power Distribution Panel

November 14, 2013

LynTec this week introduced its new Remote Power Control Mobile (RPCM), an intelligent power distribution panel offering three distinct new features to the mobile power distribution market. With motorized circuit breakers, current monitoring at the branch circuit level and remote monitoring capabilities, LynTec says the RPCM brings smarter mobile power distribution to houses of worship, […]

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LynTec Updates RPC Panel

October 31, 2013

LynTec today announced the availability of its RPC (Remote Power Controller) Series Panel version 2. The update combines the latest generation of motorized circuit breaker technology with a new and improved controller, featuring more memory and a faster processor for real-time monitoring down to the circuit level and the capacity to use multiple control protocols […]

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LynTec Partners With SurgeX

February 16, 2012

LynTec, known for its controllable A/V/L circuit breaker panels, has integrated SurgeX protection to its panels as “sidecars” that provide individual surge protection on a per circuit basis. SurgeX protection can be provided on any or all of the circuits within the panel. Any circuit protected by SurgeX includes the full SurgeX connected warranty of […]

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SurgeX and LynTec Announce Strategic Alliance

June 25, 2009

SurgeX, a ProAV industry AV power protection and control company, and Lyntec, a manufacturer of AC power sequencing products for sound and theatrical lighting systems, announced last week the formation of a strategic alliance. The two companies will now be cross-pollinating their software and hardware engineering departments to deliver improved solutions for pro applications, with […]

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