Lyngdorf Audio Unveils Unique High Performance Power Amplifier

lyngdorf-sda-0115Lyngdorf Audio just debuted the SDA-2400 stereo power amplifier at CES this week. Unlike most power amplifiers, the versatile SDA-2400 features both analog and digital inputs and optional rack mounts, making it the perfect match for high-end surround sound processors and pre-amplifiers. The SDA-2400 is not a regular class D power amplifier. The unusually powerful two by 400 watt (4 ohm) output stage uses Pulse Width Modulation with a switch speed optimization technology. This ensures a low and linear natural distortion, and an unmatchable performance is achieved by using less feedback compared to typical Class D amplifiers.

With trigger control, auto signal detection, or “power on” modes, this amplifier can function in all traditional system combinations — but also as a powerful amplifier for media players, streaming devices, or radio outputs with volume controlled outputs, thus creating a minimalistic setup.

Here are the specs.