Lutron Debuts Two New Series of Architectural Downlights: Ketra and Rania

lutron ketra rania bathroom

Lutron Electronics just debuted the Ketra D2 and Rania D2 architectural downlights. With the launch of Ketra D2, users can now experience dynamic lighting that adapts to various moments throughout the day and sets the desired ambiance, in the form of the brand’s smallest and most flexible downlight offering to-date. With both new downlights, people will experience high quality of light in any space in the home.

Ketra and Rania light sources work with Lutron’s lighting controls and shades to create personalized spaces. Both fixtures are also wirelessly controlled.


Ketra D2 features include:

  • A “barely-there” 2” aperture, representing many engineering breakthroughs to deliver the same light quality in a smaller form factor
  • An emphasis on architectural aesthetics with a variety of trims and colors
  • Ultra-slim housings ideal for maximizing ceiling heights
  • Elevated level of precision through detailed manufacturing and an intuitive hot aiming system
  • Greater flexibility allowing increased design freedom and installation options
  • Wireless communication platform saves time and lowers cost while allowing for easy adaptation to home design changes

Rania replicates natural white light more and its features include:

  • Three-channel emitter produces exceptional white light
  • Broad range of white light from incandescent warmth to midday sun—all in a single light engine
  • Exact same slim housings, architectural trims, refined hot aiming system, and wireless communication as the Ketra D2