Losing Things

lost found 0413

lost-found-0413DISCLAIMER: The following comments belong to me, and only me, the Analog Man. Not my employer, family, friends or anyone other than me. So if you comment, regardless if positive or negative please direct them to me. Any questions?

I hate losing things! As we get older we lose things, yes, we lose all kinds of things.

At times we’ve simply misplaced objects: Keys, Pens, Notes. Not to mention things forgotten…

We’ve forgotten (lost) things such as names and places we’ve been (yes, we’ve lost our minds!). All kinds of things have been lost in my life.

Time – we are ALWAYS losing time. I know all about losing time, being in a band and lacking ability to count causes me to lose time, always. Not a good thing and I’m yelled at all the time. COUNT! CANT YOU COUNT?! Obviously I am challenged in that particular area. Sometimes these losses can be replaced, other times they can’t.

In the past I’ve written about losing my hearing. That is precious, and when it is gone, it is gone forever… That’s serious stuff, FOREVER, that is. Sounds rather final, wouldn’t you say?

We lose other things that are final too. Death is final. We’ve all experienced that in the sense of losing a loved one. That’s final and unavoidable. What the hell, we’ve been dying since we were born. True, real and unavoidable!

However, there are things we lose that can be avoided… And it’s a shame when that happens as often as it does especially when that something could have been avoided, if only we had paid attention.

Losing a job. That is terrible. It’s debilitating, it knocks the hell out of your ego and your self-esteem is driven into the ground, not to mention your bank account.

Yet another is a friend. We lose friends a lot! Why? That’s yet to be fully understood.

Then curiosity got the better of me so I thought I would look up the definition of friend and see if it made any sense to me.

1.    One attached to another by affection or esteem
2.    An acquaintance
3.    One that is not hostile
4.    One that is of the same nation, party, or group
5.    One that favors or promotes something (as a charity)
6.    A favored companion

Interesting definitions in my humble opinion, and very true.  But, if we lost them and they were good friends, why did we let them get lost? Couldn’t they be recovered? Aren’t we intelligent people? Aren’t we equipped with the innate ability to reason?
Can’t we communicate? What am I missing?

I have a new goal and that is to recover all of those old friends that I’ve lost… That is, assuming that I still like them.

1.    To be suitable or agreeable to <I like onions but they don’t like me>
2.    To feel attraction toward or take pleasure in : enjoy <likes baseball>
3.    To feel toward : regard <how would you like a change>