Lightware Amps Up Product Offerings and Features of Its HDBaseT Line


Lightware Visual Engineering has added new features and options to its HDBaseT signal routing, switching and distribution products to complement its AV-over-IP offerings. Lightware provides connectivity and signal management solutions that utilize HDBaseT technology, “from HDMI point-to-point extension to signal-to-switch and beyond.” Some new features:

Open Application Programmers Interface (API): Lightware now provides a completely open Application Programmers Interface (API). Each user’s manual and command document provides detailed instructions allowing integrators to control, monitor or manage a Lightware device. All the way down to the device level, every bit of data in a system powered by Lightware is openly available for higher-level management and monitoring systems for troubleshooting and diagnostic purposes.

Intuitive Diagnostics for Simplified Troubleshooting: Lightware provides intuitive diagnostics that enable AV professionals to monitor the status of cables and devices in the system. The diagnostics are gathered in real-time and include the exact transmission error rate between the transmitter and receiver. Previously, AV professionals had to physically check each cable and product within an ecosystem to ensure they were securely connected and operating properly. Lightware’s detailed diagnostics are readily available on the system interface to eliminate unnecessary system downtime.

Real-Time Analytics for Peace-of-Mind: Lightware simplifies system management by providing real-time feedback on the exact pixel count and clock frequency. Lightware products have a built-in video frame rate analyzer — a tool unmatched and unrivaled in the professional AV industry. As a result, AV professionals can have “peace of mind through real-time analytics, which is especially important for critical AV operations.” Transparent data shares detailed information on the system status that can be utilized for higher-level integration.

Lightware offers a full range of HDMI solutions, including the TPS Smart Extender Series, TPS Extender Series and MMX Matrix Switchers, featuring HDBaseT. Lightware also says its full range of HDBaseT solutions are in stock and ready to ship. Lightware’s current lead-time ranges from four to eight weeks for larger models or projects with large quantities.