Lightware Achieves EcoVadis Bronze Rating


Lightware Visual Engineering announced it has been awarded the EcoVadis Bronze sustainability rating. Lightware says this places the company in the top 35% of assessed businesses for sustainability performance and above the industry average.

EcoVadis is a sustainability assessment platform designed to help companies measure and improve sustainability performance. The company also enables comparing and evaluating sustainability practices among business partners and suppliers. EcoVadis assesses organizational performance based on numerous criteria, including respect for human rights, reduction of environmental impacts, and ethical business conduct across areas such as environmental protection and sustainable procurement.

Lightware says its first Sustainability Report sets out the company’s comprehensive approach to integrating responsibility and sustainability across all aspects of its operations. This includes investment in energy-efficient office solutions, waste reduction practices and designing energy-efficient products.

For example, Lightware says its commitment to environmental sustainability can be seen in the implementation of in-house design and manufacturing processes to reduce its carbon footprint, the minimization of product packaging, and a consolidated delivery process to save fuel. In addition, company employees are encouraged to work from home to reduce the number of work-related journeys and use green transport options, including electric carsharing, which is part of employees’ salary package.

Lightware says it also plans to install a rooftop solar park at its new headquarters, allowing it to place greater emphasis on environmental protection, corporate environmental awareness and responsible business practices. In addition, the company says it is heavily focused on creating ethical workplace practices and culture, focusing on employee rights and development while also reflecting its commitment to environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

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Looking further ahead, the company says it plans to extend its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) activities to include formal UN Global Compact membership alongside deeper collaboration with suppliers and customers to promote sustainable practices throughout its entire supply chain. This will be supported by an ongoing commitment to sustainability awareness training for employees and the development of a company-wide volunteering program — all of which will be driven by ESG Working Groups.

“We are delighted to have been awarded the EcoVadis Bronze sustainability rating, which represents an important milestone as we deliver on our ESG objectives,” said Gergely Vida, CEO of Lightware. “Lightware is also committed to continuous improvement, and we look forward to working with all our stakeholders to further enhance our practices and make a positive contribution to a more sustainable business ecosystem.”