Let The Good Times Roll!

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00269_00137I am totally honored and excited to announce that I am an official member of the #CEDIATweeps team! As you know, CEDIA is a huge part of the Custom Electronic and Home Automation Industries. It’s the one time of year all us industry folks can come together to build relationships, discover new products and technology, receive top of the line training, and most importantly have an amazing time soaking in all that we are passionate about!

CEDIA has noticed the importance of social media and has launched a new program called the #CEDIATweeps Team. They made a call for everyone and anyone who thought they would be a good fit for the team. Their mission was to bring together a group of passionate #AVtweeps in order to create buzz and excitement around the CEDIA Tradeshow.

The moment I saw the Tweet I knew this was a group I HAD to be a part of. I love social media and using it to connect people together around a common passion. I’m also a total nerd when it comes to technology. Not to mention, I absolutely look forward to CEDIA every year! So of course the buzz of this contest quickly made its way through the twitterverse and EVERYONE was talking about it. I filled out my application carefully with lots of thought and enthusiasm. It would be a month before I found out, so I braced myself for the wait (If you didn’t know, I don’t have the best track record with patience!) Every day the excitement grew greater and greater, until finally the long awaited day arrived!

I woke up this morning totally excited for a few reasons. First off I JUST graduated from San Francisco State University with my Bachelors of Arts in Communications Studies, so the adrenaline was still pumping through my veins because of that! Secondly, I knew today was the day the big #CEDIATweeps team announcement would be made.

At around 8:10AM I received an email from our fabulous ring leader Olivia Sellke (@O_sellke) welcoming me to the #CEDIATweeps team! After squealing, eeking, hoping around my office, and shouting across the room to make everyone aware of this news, I jumped on Twitter to see who the other winners were. I was pleased to see my close Twitter friends Matt Scott (@mattDscott), John Sciacca (@SciaccaTweets), Johnny Mota (@Jmota3), Richard Fregosa (@rfregosa) and Jack Cotter (@jackJcotter) also on the team with me! I was also pleased to see some new faces to get to know which are Nick Brown (@prnick), Josh Christian (@DSI_Audio_Video), JeffTerzo (@jterzo1) and Heather Sidorowicz (@tech_chi) . Special shout out to Heather being the only other woman with me on the team! We will do our best to rep our tech ladies! (@womeninav and @womeninCE).

I am looking forward to connecting with old and new friends while creating buzz and excitement for CEDIA 2012! It’s going to be a phenomenal year with lots to learn and discover! Thank you @CEDIA for giving me this amazing opportunity. Keep an eye out for the #CEDIATweeps team and I will see you in the Twitterverse!

Warmest Wishes,