Legrand’s Building Control Systems Division Introduces Vantage LHUMAN for Residential Lighting Control

Legrands Building Control Systems introduces Vantage LHUMANLegrand’s Building Control Systems (BCS) division has introduced Vantage LHUMAN, a human-centric lighting system (HCL) for the residential market. LHUMAN incorporates lighting controls, motorized shading and color-tunable light fixtures that harness natural light (when it’s available) or render it artificially (when it’s not). Vantage is also introducing the latest version of its programming software, Design Center 4.2.

Vantage lighting control provides full color control and dimming of a wide range of color-tunable lighting fixtures from Vantage’s manufacturer partners. Users can use LHUMAN to automatically adjust their home’s light throughout the day and make changes with pre-set scenes as they desire. Vantage uses a touch screen or modular keypad for control.

Vantage’s Design Center 4.2 simplifies the process of programming the LHUMAN system for integrators and is now available for download. Key features of the new release include:

  • New color load types, including variations of warm, cool and white
  • New tunable profiles for fixture color loads
  • Single-digit CCT value input
  • Enhanced security improvements