Legrand Nuvo P30 Touch Screen Controller Makes EMEA Debut

Legrand is launching its Nuvo P30 touch screen system controller, a fully functioning seven-inch Android tablet housed in a custom enclosure that runs the existing Player Portfolio app. The model, available in white and black (NV-P30-WH and NV-P30-BK), gives users the choice between handheld control via the apps for Android and iOS or in-wall use to suit all music listening experiences.

In addition to being the access point for system control, the touch screen runs streaming services and apps, including Spotify, Pandora and more. You can also access and play music stored on networked devices in the home through the Player Portfolio system. The seven-inch touch panel has a high contrast 1024×600 IPS capacitive screen and a sleek design that blends easily into any room’s décor. The included mounting plate makes installation simple. Its connection to the Player Portfolio system is made via a single RJ45 802.11af PoE connection. The Nuvo P30 touch screen is currently available for $349.

Here are all the specs.