Hogar Controls Debuts Complete Pro Solutions Line for Smart Homes and Buildings at ISE 2018

Amsterdam, NL – ISE 2018 – Stand 9-F170 –– February 5-9, 2018 – Hogar Controls, a global design-first smart home and building automation company, is launching their new Pro Solutions lineup of control and automation products for the residential and commercial markets at ISE 2018. With a modern aesthetic at an affordable entry price, Hogar Controls® Pro Solutions line is designed to provide easy customization, flexibility and style for homeowners and building managers.

At the core of Hogar Pro Solutions suite is the Home Controller (HC) Pro, a compact but powerful hub that uses Z-Wave Plus, Zigbee and Wi-Fi to connect and control smart home devices. This plug-in controller is small enough to fit into any power outlet, yet powerful enough to control hundreds of smart products such as lighting, thermostats, video, sensors, locks and more. The HC Pro is easy to set up through the Hogar Controls app, which users can also use to control their devices or set scenes. The Hogar HC Pro is shipping internationally now and will be available in the EU in Q1 2018 for a starting MSRP $410/ €335 with a one-year warranty.

The Hogar Pro Solutions line also includes the Hogar Touch Panel series including the Pebble Touch Button, a motion sensing camera, a video doorbell, the Milo Smart Home Speaker, and powerful all-in-one modules for lighting and shade control.

Touch Panels

The Hogar Controls Touch Panel series challenges every perception of what a smart lighting device looks like in the home, hotel room or commercial environment. With sleek design elements, the Touch Panel series blends style with technology and allows users to set customized smart lighting and control actions through programmable buttons that can be as simple as dimming the lights to 50% or as complex as controlling multiple devices through smart scenes.

The Touch Panels offer support for Z-Wave or Zigbee to ensure wireless compatibility across a wide range of smart home products and in cooperation with the project design. With features like multi-touch control of devices through pre-programmed touch, tap or finger swipe, a variety of configurations including built-in sockets (select models), and access via the Hogar Controls mobile app, the Touch Panel series offers integrators a stylish yet powerful option for easy in-room smart home control.

Available in various styles, colors, and control button options like – One Touch Panel, One Touch Dimmer Panel, Two Touch Panel, Three Touch Panel, Four Touch Panel, Eight Touch Panel and Ten Touch Panel – the panels offer a variety of options to best fit a home or property’s size and individual system requirements. Touch Panels are shipping internationally now and will available in the EU in Q1 2018 for a starting MSRP $110/ €90 with a one-year warranty.

Touch Button

Pebble from Hogar Controls is a new wireless touch button that allows you to customize up to 10 actions such as smart lighting, shading, thermostats, locks, and more with a single touch. With a small aluminum frame and a glass touch top, Pebble features customization that is unique for each user’s activity. Adding to Hogar’s home control portfolio, Pebble is easy-to-use with a simple touch, gentle tap or finger swipe. Pebble is shipping internationally now and will be available in the EU in Q1 2018 for MSRP $49/ €39 with a one-year warranty.

Video Doorbell + Sensor Camera

Adding security and access control to the Hogar Controls portfolio, the Hogar Video Doorbell combines a wide-angle HD video camera with two-way audio and a visitor notification button to give users a real time look at who’s at the door. Through integration with HC Pro and the Hogar mobile app, the Video Doorbell allows for visual access control of any entryway along with remote access via a connected door lock.

With two-way audio built into the Video Doorbell, once the user is notified of a guest or visitor, they can communicate with them via the mobile app whether they are in the dwelling or far away. The Video Doorbell also works as a motion sensor, detecting movement near the door and can be set to send pictures right to users’ smart phones. Hogar Video Doorbell will be available in the EU in Q1 2018 for MSRP €145 with a one-year warranty.

The Hogar Controls Sensor Camera is another smart security device for indoor use, giving users a high-definition view of any interior room when set to an away mode. Hogar Sensor Camera will be available in the EU in Q1 2018 for MSRP €130 with a one-year warranty.

Lighting + Control Modules

The 3-in-1 multi-module is a tiny controller that enables users to turn any existing switch or socket into a Z-Wave smart switch. At just over a half inch (12 mm), the module can be easily installed into most enclosures, flush-mounted junction boxes, behind lights and in wall sockets to control and dim lighting, blinds, shades and activate scenes. The 3-in-1 module can be installed within a few minutes and offers the ability to change functionality with a simple program button. The 3-in-1 module will be available in the EU in Q1 2018 for MSRP €70.00.

Other Pro Solutions lighting and control modules include the IR Wi-Fi module, multi-pin socket modules, insert modules and more.

First all-in-one Smart Home Speaker with Google Assistant & Z-Wave Plus

The Milo Smart Home Speaker (Milo) by Hogar Controls is the first-ever combination smart speaker and home hub to include support for Z-Wave Plus and adds multi-platform access for Zigbee, Bluetooth and WiFi devices. Milo’s integrated smart hub also works with the Google Assistant, so you can ask questions, control devices throughout your home, stream music and more. A stylish design with on-board one-touch scene control and a smart home mobile app, Milo is an all-in-one solution that give integrators the ability to add Milo anywhere that voice control and entertainment are needed in a project. And, when an integrator pairs Pebble with Milo, Pebble can be used as an add-on device to create additional control zones in the home. For example, consumers can place a Milo in their living room area and a Pebble in their bedroom or other frequently used areas of the home for added scene control in lieu of a Touch Panel. Milo will be available internationally in Q2 2018 for MSRP $149/€120 with a one-year warranty.

Interactive Demo Toolkit for Dealers

One of the biggest challenges when building consumer and end-user customer relationships is working to provide education on the benefits of connected living. Particularly for a whole building automation system, showcasing the power of a suite of devices working together is challenging in any showroom. Making it easy for smart home dealers with or without a showroom, Hogar Controls created a unique Interactive Demo Toolkit. The toolkit is an out of the box home and building automation and control system, with built-in devices – both audio, video and control – to show off the power of devices like video doorbells, voice control, motion sensors, climate control and more. With a built-in screen, the toolkit is a “home in a suitcase” model that is easy to transport and gives the dealers a powerful and mobile sales tool. The Hogar Dealer Toolkit is available to qualified dealers for MSRP $1299/€1049 and will be on display at the Hogar Controls pod in the Z-Wave Pavilion.

The Hogar Controls Pro Solutions suite will ship internationally in Q1 2018 and be available in the U.S. in Q2. Hogar is actively signing new dealers and distributors – to speak with a Hogar Controls representative at ISE, visit Stand 9-F170 or email