LAMA Brings NDI Audio Networking to Creators

lama ndi

A technical collaboration between NDI and audio software company LAMA brings NDI to a wider range of audio users. According to the company, LAMA NDI Virtual Soundcard emulates the functionality of a physical soundcard without needing additional hardware, harnessing the NDI protocol to send and receive high-quality, low-latency audio over standard IP networks.

NDI Audio says its streaming supports multiple audio channels to allow for routing complex audio setups across a network. Providing software-defined connectivity enables an audio application to interact with any PC as if it were a standard hardware soundcard, enabling a computer to send and receive NDI Audio using a conventional Ethernet port.

The LAMA NDI Virtual Soundcard leverages the same NDI protocol that “revolutionized video production “by enabling high-quality video to be transmitted over standard computer networks. By extending this capability to audio, the LAMA NDI Virtual Soundcard brings the same efficiencies to audio users, according to the companies.

Turning a computer into an NDI-enabled device empowers users to network multi-channel audio with minimal setup and integrate with a range of audio applications including digital audio workstations (DAWs), live sound mixing consoles and other audio processing software.