Kramer Intros VP-427 Receiver/Scaler

kramer-vp-427-1114Kramer’s new VP-427 Receiver/Scaler is being marketed as an affordable HDBaseT receiver box with a built-in scaler. The VP-427 can scale input video to the native resolution of the HDMI receiver or any other resolution (up to 1080p). The unit also supports bidirectional IR and bidirectional RS-232.

The Kramer VP-427 receives an HDBaseT signal through an HDBaseT twisted pair cable and converts it back to HDMI, IR and RS−232 and a bidirectional RS-232 port lets users embed and de-embed control commands in the HDBaseT data stream. Infrared input and output ports let users control devices over the HDBaseT data stream. The unit includes embedded audio support.

The Kramer VP-427 up — or down-scales and includes a ProcAmp control for contrast, brightness and R, G, B level/gain.

Here are all the specs.