Kramer Intros Two New Scalers

KramerKramer has added two new scalers, the VP-471 3G HD−SDI to DVI digital scaler and the VP-473 3G HD−SDI to scaler to its existing ProScale line. With this addition, Kramer now offers a family of scalers that meets any serial digital scaling need through 3G SDI. Both scalers convert the incoming serial digital signal to one of several selectable computer graphics video, standard definition or high definition video resolutions and output them via a DVI connector for the VP-471 and via a 15-pin HD connector for the VP-473. In addition, the VP-471 de-embeds the audio as either a S/PDIF signal or as an unbalanced stereo audio signal on RCA connectors while both the VP-471 and the VP-473 also de-embed the audio to unbalanced stereo audio on RCA connectors.

The VP-471 and VP-473 have one SDI input and one SDI looping output on BNC connectors to accept an SD, HD or 3G SDI signal. They automatically detect the incoming signal format and supported formats include SMPTE standards 259M, 292M, and 424M with a maximum data rate of 3Gbps.

Full specs are here: