Key Digital’s KD-VW4x4Pro Video Wall Processor Finally Ships

The Key Digital KD-VW4x4Pro video wall processor is specified for collaboration and corporate applications. The KD-VW4x4Pro is designed to create video walls featuring eight different user-selectable video wall modes with numerous horizontal and vertical layouts. These modes include: four horizontal: 1×4 rotated, 1×4, 1×3,and two sets of 1×2 and three vertical: 4×1, 3×1, two sets of 2×1, and typical 2×2 setup.

The KD-VW4x4Pro supports seamless 4×4 matrix switching and analog to digital conversion of incoming VGA with analog audio signals. Four HDMI/VGA inputs accept digital/analog video and audio from computers, media players and other sources. With the eight onboard video wall processing modes the four outputs can be configured to display video from a single input over a four-output video wall.

It also includes a Panel Flip feature so integrators can install the top row of monitors upside down to reduce the gap in the middle of the video wall due to the thick bezel on the bottom of their consumer panels.

Here are the tech details.