SiliconCore Launches EZ-HD Series of LED Displays

SiliconCore has introduced a new product line — the EZ-HD Series of LED Displays. Created for professional and corporate environments,and designed to be installed by two technicians in under three hours, the EZ-HD Series will provide a fast and convenient solution for the specification of HD resolution LED displays for meeting spaces and lobbies.

For simplicity, displays are available in three fixed sizes — 110”, 130” and 165” diagonal at HD resolution — removing the need for complicated LED calculators. These preconfigured displays, utilize an easy to assemble frame system, which can be attached to any load bearing wall via standardized brackets, removing the need for complex architectural modifications. The final install is front serviceable, and measures less than 4” (10 centimeters) in depth.

The EZ-HD Series of displays exceed brightness specifications at 1200-1500 nits.

The EZ-HD Series of displays feature two of our patented technologies Common Cathode for cooler and fanless operation, which means that as well as emitting less damaging heat, displays maintain consistent brightness across the whole life of the display — over 100,000 hours for the LEDs. Also included in this offering is the proprietary Z.A.C.H technology, which enhances the picture quality for more vibrant color, higher contrast ratios, and the highest dynamic range in the industry

The displays have the option to receive 10-bit video content and connect via a single HD DVI/HDMI input. All the specs will be here.