K-array and Sennheiser support Beijing musicians

phpJWUcY3AMWith its more than 15 million inhabitants, a surprising mixture of solemn antiquity and modernity, of institutional values and entrepreneurial drive, Beijing has plenty of surprises to offer. One of the most surprising ones was the discovery of the Ravioli Factory restaurant and the bar beneath it, the CD Blues, in the district of Chaoyang, where imperial ruins stand next to pleasant venues where live music is part of the menu.

The two venues are more than brothers: they occupy the ground floor and the first floor of the same building and both are managed by musician Zhang Ling and his wife Xiaoxiao. And while various artists play below, sometimes Zhang Ling himself, in captivating jam sessions, above Italian cuisine rules, well prepared by a cook imported from Italy.

Several elements created the foundation of the cooperation between the place and Sennheiser China. So much so that CD Blues has become a sort of endorser for Sennheiser, in particular regarding K-array’s equipment (Sennheiser is the K-array distributor in Greater China). The CD Blues is a place in which live music is played every evening, where the stage has been very improved by the small size of K-array’s speakers, limiting to a minimum the space they occupy in order to make room for musicians. Not to mention that the refined ears of a musician turned manager would never have settled for a lesser quality of diffusion. It is needless to mention that in the restaurant upstairs, decorated with classical symbols of the Italian culture, from Chianti wine bottles to a true bright red Vespa hanging from the ceiling, the speakers were carefully selected to entertain patrons with quality background music without disturbing the harmony in the room. Downstairs, the system installed is a KR402 on both sides of the stage, almost invisible thanks to its compact dimensions but very present in terms of power and quality of sound. Two flown KRM33 are used as front-fills. Four monitors KF12 have been installed for the musicians. At the back of the room, which is about fifteen metres deep, there are six Kobra KK50 on both flanks, for surround. At the RF restaurant there are eight compact Tornados around the room, supported by two PiccoloSubwoofers for the lower frequencies; the whole installation is managed by one Piccolo Amplifier.

“We are very satisfied with the result”, says Xiaoxiao. “The concerts are fabulous and the restaurant has also benefitted from the quality and the elegant minimalist style of the new speakers. Our musician friends are content with the new system, as are our clients”.

Sennheiser often brings their own clients and partners here, to have them listen to the virtues of K-array and to offer them a pleasant evening of good music and excellent food. Have you ever been to Beijing? Before you leave, write down the address of CD Blues.