Public Demo of 4K Live Streaming

Cisco_Sony4K-0414At NAB 2014, Cisco and Sony became the first companies to publicly demonstrate the live delivery of full-frame rate 4K 60P content. The live demonstration streamed live 4K video from New York City to Las Vegas and was on display for NAB show attendees at the Cisco and Sony booths.

Live events in New York City were captured with the Sony F55 4K camera, and HEVC encoded using Cisco’s Videoscape AnyRes — with enhanced support for 4K and HEVC. The live stream was transported from New York to Las Vegas through a fiber optic network. The stream was then delivered to the Las Vegas Convention Center, decoded with a Cisco set-top box with 4K support, and displayed on Sony XBR 4K Ultra HD TVs.

Joe Cozzolino, senior vice president, general manager, service provider video infrastructure for Cisco, said, “This is an exciting time in our industry as advanced 4K content experiences reach a tipping point for distribution across multiple devices. We are ushering in the next era in content experiences with partners like Sony, and demonstrating that today’s cable networks are fully capable and ready to deliver full-frame rate 4K content.”

Here are all the details.