K-Array Launches the Next Generation of Touring Line Array Speakers

karray-touring-1014The KH8 is one of the world’s first flexible digital “slim array technology” line array speakers (S.A.T); slim and compact in design, self-powered and weather resistant providing an exceptional peak output of 145 dB SPL offering a rather different solution to the touring audio market. It is fully controlled by the on-board DSPs for hyper detailed beam steering and maximum operational flexibility. Its counterpart, the KS8, is a compact, self-powered, weather resistant subwoofer element providing a peak output of 148 dB SPL. This too has dynamic set up options for optimum delay calibration.

A system of 24 KH8 units can be flown in just 10 minutes. This is possible because it is not necessary to dismount the entire cluster: the speakers are anchored in groups of three within rigid frames that can be connected quickly to create longer clusters (uJZ picp to 24 units). Compared to traditional systems that require wiring and a mechanical connection for each speaker, the KH8 saves time. Every unit can be independently tilted to focus the sound mechanically and then digitally steered. The portability and ease of assembly are just some of the advantages of configuring a “straight array.”

For example, suppose you want to change the inclination angle of a speaker when the cluster has already been hoisted: with the KH8 it is not necessary to pull the cluster down, it is sufficient for someone to change the tilt of the single speaker, an operation that requires no more than a few minutes. In addition, the “straight array technology” minimizes the cluster’s volume and allows maximum freedom on where they are hoisted. For instance, you don’t need much space in depth behind the cluster which instead can be flown almost attached to a wall or a Layer tower.

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More details will be on the K-Array website here.