Jetbuilt Will Celebrate Its 10th Birthday at InfoComm 2024 With a Reception

jetbuilt 10th birthday

Jetbuilt announced a milestone as it celebrates its 10th birthday. Since its inception in 2014, Jetbuilt has consistently set new industry standards with its fast, intuitive and cloud-based interface, which enables access from anywhere in the world.

From its beginnings as a startup with Paul Dexter and a single employee, Jetbuilt has grown into a revenue-driven company with 25 passionate professionals. Over the past decade, Jetbuilt has experienced exponential growth, expanding its user base from its first customer, Tech Arts in California, to “thousands of daily global users and pivotal partnerships within the AV industry.”

“In June 2014, my integration company had surpassed the capabilities of Filemaker,” explained Paul Dexter, founder and chief executive officer for Jetbuilt. “My lead installer recommended an industry-specific platform, prompting me to purchase it. However, it required us to install Windows on our Macs, and rigorous training. I soon realized the platform was outdated for our needs. I reached out to each of the existing software solutions and pointed out the need for a cloud-based platform and requested features, like integrated pricing. The interest wasn’t there, so I ultimately jumped in on behalf of audiovisual professionals around the globe who were sharing my same frustrations.”

Dexter added, “During a casual lunch with a business-savvy friend and CEO, I shared my idea for starting Jetbuilt. This conversation ignited a spark, leading me to hire a local developer to build a prototype. I invited a few integration friends to begin playing with the prototype that fall and the incredible interest led to a series of investor meetings. This journey culminated in the official release of Jetbuilt to a select group of integrators and, shortly thereafter, our debut at InfoComm in 2015.”

Notable milestones for the company include the debut of Install in 2017, to organize and manage tasks within a project, and the launch of Funnel in 2020, a lead-tracking platform designed to convert leads into revenue opportunities. In 2021, Jetbuilt further expanded its offerings by introducing Stock, an inventory and warehouse tracking tool. Building on its success, Jetbuilt unveiled Service in 2022, a module designed to enhance service applications with unparalleled intelligence and power, and Portal in 2024, designed to streamline communication across professionals and customers. As a result, Jetbuilt has evolved into a unified platform that integrators can utilize to manage their business operations, apart from accounting.

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“Reflecting on the past decade, each milestone achieved is a testament to our perseverance and teamwork,” said Dexter. “One particular milestone, achieving our first 100 customers, is a special memory. I had procured a special bottle of Scotch, intending to mark this achievement. Meanwhile, Grant, our sole salesperson at the time, orchestrated a surprise by arranging personalized glasses to commemorate the occasion. We arrived at the office with our 99th customer signed up overnight. By 8:20 in the morning, the 100th customer joined, prompting us to open that bottle of scotch and enjoy it in our custom ‘Jetbuilt 100’ glasses.”

Dexter noted, “We are incredibly proud of what Jetbuilt has achieved over the past decade. Our journey has been filled with challenges, milestones and unforgettable moments, all contributing to our growth and success. As we celebrate this milestone, we look forward to serving and supporting our customers with cutting-edge solutions that empower them to succeed.”

At InfoComm 2024, Jetbuilt will celebrate its 10th birthday with cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and giveaways on Wednesday, June 12 from 4:30pm to 6:30pm PT at Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino. Join Jetbuilt in celebrating its 10th anniversary by registering to attend