Sony Can Now Deliver No-Touch, Gesture-Based Technology on BRAVIA Display and CLEDs

sony bravia displays meria ag

Sony Professional Displays & Solutions has partnered with integrated gesture control company AMERIA AG to create a non-touch solution designed to work with any Sony professional display model, including BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays and the latest generation Crystal LED displays. The first complete solution not to require protective glass, Sony displays powered by AMERIA Touchfree Solutions blend “superior 4K image quality with seamless gesture control.”

The companies say the partnership responds to the growing demand for interactive displays and digital signage across the corporate, education, retail, manufacturing, and hospitality sectors. More than ever, organizations are looking to use this technology to facilitate collaboration and craft personalized experiences. By partnering with AMERIA, both companies can cater to a broader, more demanding client base.

With no protective glass required, AMERIA says it doesn’t compromise picture quality and includes Sony’s unique Deep Black Non-Glare coating. By integrating AMERIA Touchfree Solutions, the company says users benefit from interactive displays without compromising Sony professional display’s bright, high-contrast images bursting with rich color and vivid detail.

Following the success of their initial partnership, Sony and AMERIA are now able to offer AMERIA Touchfree Solutions for any Sony professional display.