ISE 2018: WyreStorm Showcases NetworkHD 600 Series Lossless 4K HDR over 10GbE SDVoE

SWINDON, – 25th Jan 2018 — WyreStorm, a leading AV over IP solutions provider and SDVoE member, will use ISE 2018 to showcase the latest evolution of its award-winning NetworkHD line with the soon-to-be-released lossless 600 Series 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 over 10GbE using SDVoE technology.

As part of an industry where innovation is often built on shared technology platforms, when it comes to the most recently-embraced platform of AV over IP, it’s a challenge for the integrator to tell so many similar competing AV signal distribution products apart.  And it’s the same at the very top of the AVoIP spectrum in terms of lossless 4K UHD 60Hz 4:4:4 and HDR transmissions over 10GbE for ProAV and residential applications.  In this landscape, it’s the differences that matter.

The Power of Three AVoIP

Distinguishing itself from manufacturers with one or two technologies, WyreStorm’s multi-platform NetworkHD line comprises three AV over IP platforms to ensure complete coverage using AV over IP for any commercial or residential application.

In addition to our low bandwidth 100/200 Series HD over 1GbE H.264 and low latency 400 Series 4K HDR over 1GbE JPEG2000 platforms, ISE 2018 will see the debut of our new 600 Series, with SDVoE technology elevating image quality to mathematically lossless levels for instant seamless switching of true 4K UHD @60Hz 4:4:4 8-bit and 4:2:2 HDR 12-bit with zero-frame latency via off-the-shelf 10Gb Ethernet switches.

Featuring HDCP 2.2 and all the bandwidth advantages of HDMI 2.0, the 600 Series offers independent breakaway switching for matrixing functionality, audio embedding, de-embedding and down-mixing.  Full gigabit Ethernet passthrough also enables the daisy-chaining of network-connected devices, such as SmartTVs, Apple TVs and Sonos to offer huge benefits for residential applications.

Full HDMI audio passthrough supports all latest audio formats, including 5.1 downmix.  Broadcast-quality scaling enables the 600 Series to go beyond merely mixing and matching display resolutions to offer powerful functionality for commercial applications requiring the highest possible image quality.

On the development of the 600 series, WyreStorm EMEA Sales Manager stated: “There are a number of 4K over IP solutions out there that claim support for 4K HDR at 60Hz 4:4:4 over 1Gb, which might sound great but not when you consider how heavily compressed a signal has to be to fit within that bandwidth.  The result will exhibit banding, blockiness and softening of the image as the lossy compression attempts to essentially generalize whole areas of the screen to fit the bandwidth.  If video quality is your endgame, you can’t use a 20-to-1 compression 1GbE solution.  Only a 10GbE solution will give you a mathematically lossless image and audio that are indistinguishable from an uncompressed source.”

Hot Stuff

An important aspect often overlooked with all AV components is heat – or more precisely how best to dissipate it – which can also be used as an important differentiator between competing products, with some manufacturers choosing internal fan-cooling and others preferring a larger chassis with conventional heat distribution.

WyreStorm’s NetworkHD 600 Series is the first to feature a revolutionary, fan-less chassis design that combines noiseless operation with optimal heat dissipation to maintain premium device performance, reliability and MTBF.

Multiple Platforms. One Install Experience

Last but by no means least, one major NetworkHD point of distinction over competing solutions is its unified configuration environment that enables integrators to move freely across the whole NetworkHD line without requiring them to relearn how to install for different applications, specifications or budgets. If you’ve installed one NetworkHD Series product, you can install all of them without any additional training.  The huge benefits in terms of install time and complexity cannot be overstated and is in stark contrast to manufacturers that prefer a fragmented approach to software and configuration; resulting in frustratingly different install experiences with different platforms.

Like all AV solutions, when it comes to AV over IP, it’s the differences that matter.

See WyreStorm’s 600 Series with the full NetworkHD line up in action at ISE 2018 on booth 5-S60

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