Infocomm Live – 10pm

Well, the event sponsors at Digital Projection really did us proud last night.

First, they closed Atlanta’s Hard Rock Cafe for the group, and hosted us for an evening of drinks and great food. Then, Mike Levi and DPI’s band performed and totally rocked the crowd, at times throwing frisbees into the audience, (whenever anybody noted a guitar change) some of which had Hard Rock gift certificates taped to them. Everybody was stomping along, but even that couldn’t keep all the conversations about the business from going on all evening.

As if that wasn’t enough (by the way, thanks DPI!) the real star of the evening for us geek types was their new 10k Lumen laser projector, which held center stage in the middle of the room, projecting across the crowd over our heads. Look, I’ve seen experiments in laser-based projectors for a long time, but this really looked crisp, and with a 20,000 hour life on a replaceable illumination element, it’s going to play very strongly in the market (IMHO).

Later on this morning, I’ll be talking with the product manager about its development and its place in the market, in an interview for rAVe Radio. Stay tuned.

JRRphoto 4