IC Live 2014 -Thanks, Karen!!

Karen gives 3 AV guys the aquarium tourWell, it’s 6pm here at Infocomm Live. As I predicted, it was hard to clear the room at the end of the meeting, so 3 of us missed the main body of the aquarium tour. But, with typical Georgia hospitality, the last three of us were given our very own tour of this incredible facility by a volunteer named Karen, who was really knowlegable and gave us a great hour of answering all our questions about the exhibits, even those dumb technical ones that only an AV geek like me could ask. Facilities like this depend on these volunteers who devote their time and energy to making them come alive for the rest of us, and we don’t appreciate them anywhere near enough. So, Karen, from all of us – thank you.

Later on, there is an event at the Hard Rock Cafe that we are all being bussed to – and I have heard a rumor that we will be having a bit of an “open stage” night for the musicians from the AV Rental industry that are among us. So I’ll be trying to get some photos and recordings for all of you.

Tomorrow, the event continues with some business discussions and a couple more great speakers on the subject of differentiating your AV Rental and Staging Business, and I’ll try to get you all the happenings here on the blog as soon as I can. I’ll also be recording a couple of podcasts in the morning with some of the movers and shakers, and you’ll be getting those here on rAVe Radio soon.

More later