InfoComm 2009: It’s All About Education

For years, we at rAVe have been writing about the value of InfoComm – not necessarily as the mega-AV tradeshow, but as THE BEST one-stop-shop for ProAV education. Well, at InfoComm 2009, you’ll have two – not just one – ProAV associations offering hundreds of courses at the show:  both NSCA and InfoComm.

Have you signed up to take a class yet?  If not, here are two being taught by rAVe’s own Gary Kayye:  

•   AV-2011:  We have all heard the buzzwords — convergence, integration, networking, and digital. No matter which word you use, the reality is that we live in an IP-based world and an ever-changing workplace. Not only does the technology constantly change, but the skill sets required to work in this industry are always changing, too. In this new world, what do next-generation technologists need to know as they navigate the A/V and IT integrated environment? Ensuring that your staff is as advanced as the technology is more that just a stop along the information highway; it is a complete change in the navigation of your business. Detouring from the recommend route could have serious implications.
Join Gary Kayye as he explores the latest technologies and advances in our industry. He will also discuss the skill sets employees need to meet the demands of more complex software. Plan the roadmap for your employees now to ensure their future success. This session will help you prepare the best route for your business with five key steps toward A/V and IT integration. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about becoming a skilled, knowledgeable and trusted service partner in this new age of technology driven by networked devices.

•   How to Compete with Box Sales: In the beginning, it was “trunk-slammers,” then came the “box-houses” and now it’s the “Internet”. Customers have more choices from where to purchase AV Gear than ever before – and box-to-box, there’s no way a systems integrator can truly compete on price. Margins are at the worse level they have ever been. Price erosion has hit every segment of the AV market and we can’t fight it—try, and you’ll run out of time and resources.

But, reposition (or, in some cases, position) your company away from the box-sales mentality into a true systems integrator and design-build firm and you’ll have a winning combination for true profitability and growth well into the 21st Century. Successful companies in our industry have been doing this for years – selling stuff for more than many of their competitors, but all the while maintaining a market leadership position in share and performance. How? What are they doing that you can learn from?

Come hear from someone who’s been helping companies like these and a host of other ProAV manufacturers and dealers stand out from the pack without discounting and price slashing – in fact, their reputation’s built on customer support, quality, performance and people!