INFiLED Launches STUDIO Series LED Solutions


INFiLED announced the launch of a new LED solution dubbed the STUDIO Series. This modular LED system aims to create tailor-made stages for broadcast, extended reality and virtual production. INFiLED says the benefits of the INFiLED STUDIO Series are focused on providing better tools to build immersive and realistic virtual environments that help create memorable stories and deliver high-end productions.


Traditional LED video displays only use three emitters: red, green and blue. INFiLED is introducing a fourth emitter in a custom LED package that increases the color spectrum viewed from professional cameras using an LED video Ceiling. INFiLED says that Infinite Colors improves various LED applications by allowing full variations in tone, saturation and color appearance in white light and custom colors, all featured in one display.

INFiLED says the implementation of this new technology means a significant advancement in color and texture reproduction, ultimately leading to a higher Color Rendering Index (CRI), going beyond traditional display solutions and providing a more accurate representation of colors and textures.