Indy Audio Labs Expands Sales in International Market


Indy Audio Labs, a high-end home audio systems startup based in the Purdue Technology Center of Indianapolis, plans to further expand its sales in the international market.

“We already have global representation and expect that to grow by over 30 percent in the near future,” said Ted Moore, CTO and company co-founder. “It is a golden opportunity for our made-in-Indiana products to expand to markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.”

Indy Audio Labs is the producer of the Acurus and Aragon brands for home theater systems, and its components are manufactured at Jeffersonville, Indiana-based Key Electronics Inc. The company competes with large worldwide brands such as Yamaha, Denon and McIntosh.

“We offer top-level performance, radically simple ease of use and the rugged reliability of a product made in the USA,” said Rick Santiago, company CEO and co-founder. “And some of our products are lower priced than those of our competitors. We would be considered at the low-cost end of the high-end component marketplace.”

The company’s products already have a strong overseas market, especially in China, where Indy Audio Labs-owned Aragon amplifiers are used in a “Star Wars”-themed home theater that was recognized by CEDIA as a global award winner in 2016.

Indy Audio Labs was one of the first to move into the Purdue Technology Center of Indianapolis in 2011. Here are the details.