Industry Educators and the Student – An Interview with Paul Zielie, Jeremy Caldera and Victoria Barela

It’s well known that discussion in the AV/IT industry concerning education has continued to build to a crescendo in terms of determining such things as value, efficiency, coverage and more. We certainly discuss CTS certification and all that it means – as well as the teaching process that goes along with it – however beyond this is the ongoing education discussion concerning numerous topics (e.g. design, programming, networking) that exists within the industry.

Technology ed

I sat down in an online discussion with two well known educators in the industry, Paul Zielie, CTS-D, CTS-I, Manager Enterprise Solutions at AMX by Harman who has had involvement with industry IT curriculum development, and Jeremy Caldera, CTS-D, CTS-I, Lead Audio Visual Design Engineer at Zdi Inc. and Chair of InfoComm’s Certification Steering Committee. Their main claim as educators in the industry? For Paul. he was awarded InfoComm’s Educator of the Year in 2015, and Jeremy (who received InfoComm’s Young AV ProfessionalsAward in 2015) is a part-time instructor at Columbia College in Chicago who teaches a self-created course on Audio-Visual System Design, the first of its kind.

Paul Zielie headshot

Paul Zielie, AMX by Harman

Jeremy headshot

Jeremy Caldera, Zdi Inc.

Along with them I invited Victoria Barela (one of SCN’s The Nine of 2015) who is the student in this interview, as she recently graduated from Columbia College where she had taken Jeremy’s class. She has since gone on to become an intern at Zdi Inc, soon to be working there on a full-time basis. Victoria had the distinction, along with other students who took Jeremy’s class, of being invited to attend InfoComm in June 2015.

Victoria InfoComm 2

Victoria Barela at InfoComm 2015

We discussed numerous topics including overall industry education, Jeremy’s college course, attracting women to seek industry technical positions, finding the right candidates for jobs, and the next generation Z.

An hour-long interview, well worth listening to, with two notable industry educators as well as a young woman with what appears to be a bright future in the AV/IT industry.