Igloo Vision and Barco Partner to Deliver Immersive Workspaces

igloo vision immersive space

Igloo Vision was founded in 2008 with a focus on projection mapping software for live events and experiences. Later its focus shifted to corporate rooms and shared virtual reality. From its bases in the U.K., the USA, Canada and Australia, the company says it has delivered hundreds of immersive workspace installations around the globe for all kinds of applications such as simulation, visualization and collaboration by clients in education, engineering, enterprise and many more.

An Igloo immersive space is built using an Igloo Vision Media Player, which holds the software that can turn any room into an immersive shared VR experience. It takes any digital content and puts it in an immersive space. It is like stepping inside a giant VR headset with an entire group.

To visualize the content, the Igloo team works together with system integrators and visualization hardware providers, such as Barco.

Since the official agreement, Barco and Igloo Vision already delivered two state-of-the-art immersive workspaces for a leading sports brand and a well-respected university. The companies say more information about these realizations will be shared soon.