Digital Watchdog and TOA Announce Partnership

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Digital Watchdog (DW), the industry leader in digital recorders, surveillance cameras, system peripherals and related management software, and TOA Electronics Inc., a premier manufacturer of intelligent audio and security systems, announce the integration of TOA’s IP speaker system with DW Spectrum IPVMS video management platform. The partnership allows operators to combine public speaker systems with video, analytics and access-control, managed from a single interface.

“Network audio adds value to your DW Spectrum-based security system helping you proactively deter crime by responding immediately and intervening remotely,” said Patrick Kelly, Director of IP Sales for DW. “We are thrilled TOA Electronics has joined the DW Spectrum ecosystem as a Technology Partner.”

TOA’s IP-A1SC15 IP-Horn Speaker can be added to a DW Spectrum IPVMS system using a local network connection. The integration will offer the option to combine the speaker system with video from the DW Spectrum desktop client interface. The IP horn speaker broadcasts crystal-clear pre-recorded voice messages or live speech announcements manually and automatically triggered by IP camera video alerts, image sensing, or
motion detection video systems.

“The IP-A1SC15 is capable of SIP Direct Call, Multicast streaming, VMS broadcasting, and, in addition to control by the DW Spectrum IPVMS system, an IP control protocol is available as well. TOA software tools allow you to assign IP addresses to all IP horn speakers at set up by merely setting the first speaker network and host ID. All other device IP addresses are set automatically. Each IP-A1SC15 can be individually optimized to its unique environment.”

DW Spectrum IPVMS is a freely distributed surveillance solution with a desktop client (Windows/Linux/Mac) and a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. DW Cloud, a web client service powered by AWS, is included to enable simple remote connectivity, streaming and management of one or an unlimited number of DW Spectrum IPVMS systems from all leading web browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera). The VMS software powers the DW Blackjack NVR servers and MEGApix CaaS all-in-one camera systems, or it can be installed on third-party Windows or Ubuntu Linux-based systems.

Introductory Webinar
DW and TOA will host a joint Works with DW Spectrum webinar on September 1st, at 11:00
AM EST. Click here to register and reserve your spot.