IDK MSD series AV Switches – Industry leading “hands-off interoperability”

MSD switches are designed to enable quick and trouble-free installation and operation

Since introducing the first MSD, IDK has continued to innovate, refine and enhance their go-to, AV problem solvers. MSD switches offer the industry’s best AV port-to-port interoperability and spec’ing them in assures that source, aux processing and display equipment all function seamlessly together. Scan conversion, multi-format inputs, audio de/embed, diverse control options, EDID emulation, status indication & control, HDCP status & management, input / output EQ, built in test pattern generator, and registered-command service are all “save the day” features. MSD switches are highly configurable, but carefully refined factory default settings and auto-adaptive features enable out of the box operation. IDK’s design assistance program ensures success for new adaptors in every step from system concept through customer acceptance.

New Product Lineup at ISE2018:

MSD-802UHD: Hybrid switch handles HD Digital up to 4K and HD Analog AV formats seamlessly

The MSD-802UHD is a compact, 1 RU, multi-format audiovisual signal switcher, designed and manufactured by IDK in Japan. The switch is simple to use, with a built-in scan converter and integrated HDBaseT inputs and outputs, the switch provides the best hands-off signal acquisition in the industry. The MSD-802 is an AV toolbox well suited to classrooms, midsize to large conference rooms, auditoria and is equally suitable for the event-AV environment. Supporting 4K resolutions at 60Hz with 4:4:4 Color-space support, the MSD-802 is a perfect fit for applications requiring low-latency processing and full color fidelity for 4K/UltraHD presentation. IDK’s MSD series is absolutely the go-to for applications where diverse or walk-in source equipment will be accommodated.


2 X HDMI full 4K/60/4:4:4 inputs

3 X HDMI inputs

1 X HDBT input

2 X DVI-I inputs including single and multi-component analog

2 X HDMI outputs

2 X HDBT outputs

3 X Stereo, balanced, analog embed inputs

2 X Stereo, balanced, analog de-embed outputs

3 X Dry contact outputs

MSD-802UHD Control:

3 X Contact closure command inputs

LAN: API command via LAN; embedded web server


Auto detect signal, configurable priority

IDK IQ Control – BYOD Android & iOS

MSD-6200 Series: Hybrid, AV switch with Dante® audio interface and HDBT wallplate TX support

The MSD-6200 series is a, 2RU, multi-format audiovisual signal switcher, available in 3, 4, 6 & 8 output configurations. Like all MSD switches, the 6200 series is designed and manufactured by IDK in Japan. With 8 outputs (HDMI or HDBT for each port), the input side of the switch supports; HDMI, HDBaseT and DVI-I (including CV, Y/C, YUV & RGB/HV) signal formats. The 2 HDBT inputs source power to remote wall plate transmitters. IDK’s remote power capability meets POE standards, preventing damage to equipment that may be inadvertently connected to the HDBT ports. Like all of the MSD models, the 6200 series supports hands-off interoperability, scaling, very granular configurability and out of the box success assured by IDK’s default settings and auto-adapting features. The 6200’s standout features include picture-in-picture and Dante audio support. The embedded 64-channel Dante® audio processing simplifies integration of the switches with audio subsystems and auxiliary signal processing gear. Two balanced, stereo inputs allow the switch to HDMI embed and serve as a Dante® encoder.

MSD-6200 I/O:

4X HDMI inputs

2 X HDBT inputs with POE compliant power

2 X DVI-I inputs including single and multi-component analog

2 X Stereo, balanced, analog embed / Dante® encode inputs

HDMI / HDBT outputs, 3, 4, 6 or 8 X

Stereo, balanced analog de-embed

9 X Dry contact outputs

MSD-802UHD Control:

LAN: API command via LAN; embedded web server


Auto signal-detect w/configurable priority

IDK IQ Control – BYOD Android & iOS

External device control via IP, EIA-232 and HDBT