How to Train Your Digital Signage Champion


Mvix HowToTrainYourDigitalSignageChampion

By Lillyan Wamaitha
Marketing Manager, Mvix

Digital signage is a growing trend in many industries. More and more businesses are starting to realize the benefits and flexibility that comes along with ever-changing, easily updated displays.

But not all digital signage is created equal. It’s only as good as the person managing it. Making sure you have a well-trained digital signage champion is the first step towards putting your digital signage to work.

What is a digital signage champion?

Stores have managers, restaurants have managers, and even individual projects have managers; why would digital signage be any different? The digital signage champion is the person that’s responsible for all digital signage campaigns for a business from start to finish.

Why is a digital signage champion important?

Without clear ownership of a project, responsibilities can easily fall through the cracks. No one really cares about the outcome, so there’s no one to track returns on investment or keep up with trends. People just take care of their few responsibilities and don’t think twice about the outcome.

By designating a single digital signage champion, you’re giving ownership to one person. He or she will be accountable for everything digital signage within your business, which will eliminate task confusion, ensure smooth project implementation and that goals are met on time. To have the most effective digital signage, you need to have a manager.

Important training areas

If digital signage is only as good as the champion, then a digital signage champion is only as good as the training he or she receives. Digital signage is an ever-evolving industry. New technology and techniques are created every year. Training also shouldn’t be a one-time lesson, but rather something that can change and evolve as new innovations arise.

Creating a content strategy

The most important aspect of digital signage is the content. After all, content is still king. Being able to create an efficient content strategy is of the utmost importance for any digital signage champion. Content strategy is simply the development, planning and management of media to reach a goal. In this instance, it’s how to craft a strategy to make the most of your company’s digital signage and engage the most potential customers.

There are several aspects that go into creating a strong content strategy:

  • Audience analysis – think about your audience. What do they like? What don’t they like? Use user personas to determine the most effective ways to reach them.
  • What problem are you going to solve for your audience – customers have to want your product or service. That means that it must solve some sort of problem in their life. Tell them what it is! If you’re not sure, show them a problem they didn’t know they had, then solve it.
  • What makes your company unique – think about what sets your company apart from the competition and use it in your campaigns.
  • Implementation – consider things like hardware, location, size, timing and anything else that may have an impact on your customers.

Content strategy is never static. It should change as you gain new information. Although your chosen font might work well for the brand’s image, it might be hard for older customers to read. Constantly work to update your content strategies to make them as effective as possible.

Keeping up with digital signage technology

New technology enters the market constantly. It’s important that the digital signage champion be up to date on the latest technology so they can remain effective in the ever-changing marketplace. Perhaps your client base enjoys interactive media. Having the latest touchscreen digital displays might help drive business through your door instead of your neighbor’s.

Digital signage manufacturers and resellers are the best source regarding technological advancements. Creating a relationship with them is the easiest way to make sure you’re up to date. The digital signage champion should be involved in all discussions with sellers. Plus, if the seller understands your business needs, they can keep an eye out for things that will help you in the future. Win win.

Measuring return on investment

How do you know an investment was worth it if you don’t track returns? Marketing is one of the hardest things to measure return on investment (ROI) because it doesn’t directly make money. Making sure your digital signage champion is an ROI expert allows you to quantify the effectiveness of digital signage campaigns and give you peace of mind that all the money you’ve spent on digital signage hasn’t gone to waste.

There are a few easy ways to track the ROI of digital signage campaigns:

  • QR codes – embed codes into your digital signage and track how many people use them.
  • Social media – use hashtags in your digital signage to start a conversation with your customers, and see how many people are interacting with your signage.
  • Surveys – go to the source. Ask your customers directly what they think of your new digital signage. They might even offer ways to make it better!

Branding enforcement

Creating a consistent brand identity is important for recognition. How will customers identify your brand if the colors, logos and slogans are always changing? Better visibility leads to more conversions. Brands that present their brand consistently get 23% more revenue compared to inconsistent brands.

It’s important for your digital signage champion to fully understand your business. They need to consistently use the same logos, colors, fonts, voice, slogans and any other unique identifying feature that makes your business stand out.

Maintaining fresh content

Attention spans are at an all-time low, and people get bored quickly. If you leave the same digital signage up for too long, people start to ignore it, which kills your ROI. Your digital signage champion should always be thinking of new content and strategies and update everything regularly. One of the major benefits of digital signage is how easy it is to update. Use it.

Point of contact

Once you assign a champion, he or she needs to be the point of contact for everything digital signage. That includes both internally with management and other departments as well as externally with digital signage vendors and integrators. They need to become the expert that can answer any and all questions. Having a single point of contact helps to avoid confusion and promotes better relationships with vendors.

Who’s your digital signage champion?

If you use digital signage or are even thinking about using digital signage, you need to have a champion. Before setting them loose, make sure they’re trained in all aspects of digital signage so they can be as effective as possible. You don’t want an untrained pilot flying your plane, don’t let an untrained champion fly your digital signage campaigns.