HOLOPLOT Releases Plan 2.0 and OS2.0


HOLOPLOT has released the latest version of its sound system design software, Plan 2.0. The company says the release includes OS2.0 and gives users access to new features within the sound system design software itself. In addition, the update includes:

  • Presets: Users can now create multiple presets within a single HOLOPLOT Plan project file. By switching presets, a user can change the entire beam layout, transforming the system and venue, from live performance to cinema, from single-language conference to multi-language conference with multiple zones.
  • Beam Library: Users can now generate an unlimited number of beams, all manageable through the new library view. Creating multiple versions of a beam simplifies beam management and removes limitations on creativity. All beams are optimized directly inside the software, making HOLOPLOT Plan an integral part of the HOLOPLOT workflow.
  • Real-time simulation and SPL heat maps: The integration of configuration and simulation into a single 3D viewport allows for immediate feedback in real-time as well as adjustments, ensuring optimal sound distribution and clarity.