Hasn’t Everyone Added Dante Already? Guess Not; 4 New Companies Are Added at ISE 2023

audinate group limited dante ise

Audinate Group Limited, developer of the professional AV-industry-leading Dante AV-over-IP solution, announced today that 30 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have now licensed the Dante AV technology to build networked video devices. The list of OEMs features some of the most accomplished and respected audio/video (AV) hardware brands, including AdTechno, AVer, AVONIC, Bolin, BZB Gear, Chingan Technology, Cypress, Lumens, Minrray, Patton, PTZ Optics, ProAVIT, Soundhouse, Televic, Telycam, Tenveo, ValueHD, Yamaha and Yuan.

Several of the OEM partners will introduce new Dante AV-enabled products next week at ISE 2023 in Barcelona, including:

  • Bolin: the D2-210H and D2-220H PTZ cameras
  • BZB Gear: the BG-ADAMO-4KDA PTZ camera
  • Lumens: the VC-A71P PTZ camera
  • PTZOptics: the Link 4K 20x PTZ camera

These add to the ever-growing ecosystem of 15 Dante AV products that are currently released and available to purchase, including cameras, encoders and decoders. In addition, several manufacturers will preview pre-production products at the show, including AdTechno, Bolin, Soundhouse and Yuan.

Dante AV is a family of hardware and software solutions that allow manufacturers and end users to add networked video to the industry-leading Dante platform. It guarantees interoperability between manufacturers while keeping discovery, configuration, and control to a single platform for all audio and video devices. With Dante management solutions, all endpoints can be secured with user access control, actively monitored, and remotely accessed to simplify system maintenance and support. All Dante AV solutions provide independent video, audio and control signal routing, so signals only get sent where they need to go. Dante AV solutions are compatible with the thousands of Dante-enabled products available today.

Dante AV Ultra is a hardware-based solution offering 4K60 video encoding and decoding for high-quality, visually lossless video. Subframe latency and tight time synchronization between endpoints, make it ideal for real-time events with the exactitude for clean effects transitions, video walls and multi-image projections. Content protection is enabled with a fully validated implementation of HDCP 2.2 over IP.

Dante AV-H is embedded software that manufacturers can add to their Ethernet-enabled H.264/H.265 cameras, encoders and decoders, effectively turning them into Dante AV endpoints. Integrators and end users gain all the benefits of Dante, such as automatic network discovery and IP addressing, and eliminate the need for fixed point-to-point connections. Best of all, manufacturers don’t need to make hardware changes to new or existing products to implement Dante AV-H.

Audinate is showcasing the latest Dante products at ISE 2023 in Barcelona from Jan. 31 to Feb. 3 in Hall 3, booth#3R100. For more information about Dante AV, visit