Harman Luxury Audio Group Adds Black Edition of JBL Classic Series

harman black edition jbl classic

Harman Luxury Audio Group today announced that it will be featuring a special Black Edition of its JBL Classic Series passive hi-fi and powered streaming loudspeakers in booth 16035 at CEDIA Expo 2022, taking place Sept. 29 to Oct. 1 in Dallas. Available on four models — the passive hi-fi L100, L82 and L52, and the powered streaming L75ms music system — the special production versions all include the Black Edition Appearance package for a stylish and sophisticated new look, while the L100 and L82 also feature the Black Edition Performance Package for improvements over the standard Classic models.

With the Black Edition Appearance package, the enclosures of the L100, L82, L52 and L75ms are treated to a multistep, “labor-intensive painting process that starts with a black base coat and ends with a high-gloss finish, resulting in a mirror-like exterior that reflects its surroundings.” The high-gloss process also provides a “subtle radius to the edges of the cabinet, giving it a softer look overall.” The passive hi-fi models also feature special gold labels on the front around the attenuator level controls and on the rear above the input terminal cup. Black Quadrex foam grilles are accented with unique gold JBL badges to visually identify these models as special-edition products.

For the larger L100 and L82 passive hi-fi models, the Black Edition Performance Package includes an upgraded woofer design that benefits from improvements to its linearity, which helps reduce distortion. The tweeter and midrange drivers have also been treated to refinements that deliver higher levels of performance. Additional upgrades include a change to the crossover design to provide dual inputs for use in bi-wiring applications, while a new input terminal cup includes dual sets of premium gold-plated binding post terminals for a secure connection to a variety of loudspeaker cable and connector types.

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JBL’s Classic Series is here: https://www.jbl.com/classic-series