HARMAN’s JBL Professional Adds to Control Contractor 60 Series with Control 60PS/T Pendant Subwoofer

harman-JBL_Control67HCT-WT-0614At InfoComm 2014, HARMAN’s JBL Professional introduced the latest addition to its Control Contractor 60 Series pendant loudspeakers with the new Control 60PS/T pendant subwoofer. This pendant subwoofer features built-in passive crossover for up to four satellite loudspeakers.

Featuring 150-watt power handling and low distortion, the long-excursion 8-inch low-frequency driver features butyl rubber surround for well-damped, tight sound quality and long-term reliability, along with a polypropylene-coated cone for humidity protection. The high-temperature, 2-inch voice coil and low-mass fiberglass coil former ensure good bass transient response and excellent stability under high power, high duty-cycle, working conditions.

The Control 60PS/T may be driven by itself or with other subwoofers on an amplifier channel, sending it either a signal that has been actively low-passed earlier in the signal chain, or a full-range signal utilizing the built-in passive 125 Hz low-pass filter. The included passive crossover also provides high-passed satellite outputs, in a full-range, wide-bandwidth, passively-crossed, mono subwoofer-satellite system.

A 100 Watt multi-tap, wide-bandwidth, low-saturation transformer allows the Control 60PS/T to be used on either a 70V/100V distributed loudspeaker system or as a direct low-impedance 8-ohm loudspeaker.

A loop out connector is provided on the subwoofer for looping the full-range input signal to other loudspeakers or to other subwoofer/satellite systems. Rubber boot covers for each locking connector protect the terminals and the optional MTC-PC60 full-top cover accessory adds additional terminal protection for when using outdoors.

Here are all the details.