JBL Professional Adds New All-in-One Column PA

October 20, 2023

JBL Professional just debuted the JBL IRX ONE All-in-One Column PA, which features a three-channel mixer and Bluetooth 5.0 audio streaming — all packed into a system that can be carried with one hand. JBL Pro says the IRX ONE utilizes concert line array-inspired directivity control, resulting in a custom-tuned, C-shaped array. Featuring six 2” […]

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JBL Stage 2 Architectural Series from HARMAN Luxury Audio Group Now Shipping

September 29, 2022

HARMAN Luxury Audio Group announced that its JBL Stage 2 Architectural Series and Stage XD Series loudspeakers are now shipping. Featuring eight models in various configurations for both in-wall and in-ceiling installations, Stage 2 Architectural Series loudspeakers are crafted to be visually discreet. Offered in two sizes and built for durability, Stage XD Series all-weather […]

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JBL Professional Debuts JBL-LCT 81C/TM Lay-In Ceiling Tile Speaker

September 28, 2021

JBL Professional debuted the JBL-LCT 81C/TM, a broad-range metric lay-in ceiling tile speaker. This is a metric version of the LCT 81C/T 2-feet-by-2-feet lay-in ceiling tile speaker. Sized to fit standard 600-millimeter x 600-millimeter metric ceiling grids, this ceiling speaker is designed for classrooms, offices, paging systems, airports, retail stores and anywhere that speech and […]

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JBL Professional Releases EON ONE Compact All-in-One Rechargeable Personal PA

December 11, 2019

JBL Professional released the JBL EON ONE Compact all-in-one rechargeable personal PA. Perfect for musicians, DJs, entertainers, fitness instructors and presenters, the EON ONE Compact offers best-in-class audio performance, Bluetooth broadcast and control, a built-in professional-grade digital mixer and much more. In related news, the JBL Compact Connect App is also now available, giving you […]

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JBL Pro by HARMAN Intros Control SB2210 Dual 10-Inch Compact Subwoofer

May 9, 2016

JBL Professional by HARMAN just launched the Control SB2210, a dual 10-inch subwoofer that combines high output and compact size into one product. The JBL Control SB2210 is meant to be used with the new JBL Control Contractor Surface-Mount Loudspeaker models — the Control 23-1, 25-1 and 28-1. Power capacity for the JBL Control SB2210 […]

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JBL Lauches New Control 65P/T Pendant Speaker

March 30, 2016

JBL Professional by HARMAN today introduced the JBL Control 64P/T. The JBL Control 64P/T is designed as an affordable full-range pendant loudspeaker in the JBL Control Contractor Series and features a 30-watt transformer, so it can be operated at 8 ohms or used on either 70V or 100V distributed lines. This expansion of the pendant […]

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HARMAN’s JBL Professional Introduces JBL EON618S Powered Subwoofer with Array of Aesthetic, Ergonomic and Functional Enhancements

October 20, 2015

HARMAN’s JBL Professional today introduced the JBL EON618S, an 18-inch, 1000-watt powered subwoofer that is durable, supports true low-frequency extension and can be controlled wirelessly. The JBL EON618S is designed for portability and ease of use. JBL Professional designed the subwoofer to be simultaneously lightweight and rugged, visually compatible with nearly any setting and, perhaps […]

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HARMAN’s JBL Pro New PD500 Series Loudspeakers Launch

June 17, 2015

At InfoComm 2015, HARMAN’s JBL Professional is introducing its new PD500 Series loudspeakers. An extension of the PD Series loudspeakers, which are found in stadiums and arenas around the world, the PD500 Series will feature five new models. The PD500 Series can be used in a variety of applications including sports facilities, performance spaces, auditoriums, […]

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HARMAN’s JBL Professional Intros Control HST Wide-Coverage Indoor/Outdoor Speaker

February 10, 2015

Marking the introduction of an new loudspeaker design, HARMAN’s JBL Professional today announced the debut of its Control HST wide-coverage loudspeaker featuring patent-pending HST Hemispherical Soundfield Technology. The indoor/outdoor Control HST claims extremely wide horizontal coverage approaching 180° and uses the wall it’s mounted on to its advantage. The JBL Control HST is designed for […]

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HARMAN’s JBL Professional Debuts SRX800 Series Portable Powered Loudspeakers

January 26, 2015

JBL Professional today announced the introduction of its SRX800 Series portable powered loudspeakers that integrate both JBL transducers and Crown DriveCore amplifiers. JBL SRX800 Series models include the 12-inch two-way SRX812P, 15-inch two-way SRX812P, dual 15-inch three-way SRX835P, 18-inch SRX818SP subwoofer and the SRX828SP, the world’s only dual-18-inch powered subwoofer at this price point. The […]

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HARMAN’s JBL Intros New Intellivox 380 Series Loudspeakers

December 19, 2014

HARMAN’s JBL Professional group is launching its Intellivox 380 Series in the form of three loudspeaker models: the DC380, DS380 and DSX380. The flagship model in the Intellivox 380 Series is the DSX380, which features complex room-molding DDS Beam Shaping. This technology molds the coverage to match the requirements of rooms that have multi-faceted listening […]

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HARMAN’s JBL Pro Unveils 5628 Cinema Subwoofer

October 30, 2014

HARMAN’s JBL Professional is introducing the new 5628 dual 18-inch cinema subwoofer, designed to add low frequency sound large-format auditoriums. The so-called high-power and lightweight 5628 is a front-loaded, vented subwoofer enclosure that houses two of JBL’s exclusive 2269H Ultra Long Excursion 18-inch Differential Drive woofers. This woofer features neodymium magnet, dual voice coils and […]

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HARMAN’s JBL Intros EON 206P Portable PA System

September 3, 2014

HARMAN’s JBL Professional is introducing the EON 206P Portable PA system and billing it as an all-in-one powered system that’s aimed at small band/solo acts, coffeehouses, clubs, schools, worship events, meetings/seminars, presentations, health clubs and more. The JBL EON 206P features a pair of 6.5 inch passive loudspeakers, each featuring a 6.5-inch woofer and a […]

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HARMAN’s JBL Professional Adds to Control Contractor 60 Series with Control 60PS/T Pendant Subwoofer

June 23, 2014

At InfoComm 2014, HARMAN’s JBL Professional introduced the latest addition to its Control Contractor 60 Series pendant loudspeakers with the new Control 60PS/T pendant subwoofer. This pendant subwoofer features built-in passive crossover for up to four satellite loudspeakers. Featuring 150-watt power handling and low distortion, the long-excursion 8-inch low-frequency driver features butyl rubber surround for […]

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HARMAN’s JBL Professional Adds New Control 45C/T

June 20, 2014

Adding to its Control Contractor Series, HARMAN’s JBL Professional has introduced the Control 45C/T coaxial ceiling loudspeaker, a two-way, 5.25-inch loudspeaker that offers what JBL says is “extremely consistent” 120-degree broadband pattern control featuring the company’s Radiation Boundary Integrator (RBI) technology. The Control 45C/T is an in-ceiling professional loudspeaker designed for environments that can benefit […]

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HARMAN’s JBL Pro AWC159 and AWC15LF Loudspeakers Deliver Weatherproof Sound

June 19, 2014

HARMAN’s JBL Professional is introducing the AWC159 and AWC15LF compact all-weather loudspeakers. The AWC159 is a compact, 15-inch, two-way coaxial loudspeaker with compression-driver high frequency, wide 90×90-degree coverage and 500 watts power handling. The AWC15LF, with 500 watts power handling, is a 15-inch low-frequency loudspeaker designed for outdoor applications where additional low frequency is required. […]

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HARMAN’s JBL Intros High Humidity Grilles for Control 10 Series Ceiling Speaker

June 6, 2014

HARMAN’s JBL Professional is introducing the MTC-14WG and MTC-16WG high-humidity grilles for its Control 10 Series ceiling speakers. These grilles fit JBL’s Control 12C/T, Control 14C/T, and Control 16C/T, as well as Control 26C and 26CT. Made of an aluminum alloy material that does not rust and finished in a durable powder-coat, these grilles can […]

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JBL’s CBT 70J-1 Column Loudspeaker, CBT 70JE-1 Extension Box Earn THX Approval

May 30, 2014

HARMAN’s JBL Professional announced this week  that its CBT 70J-1 column loudspeaker and CBT 70JE-1 extension box are now THX approved, allowing the inclusion of the CBT 70J-1 loudspeakers in THX-certified theaters. The CBT 70J-1 is a high-power, two-way line array system consisting of 16 high-frequency drivers and four high-power low-frequency drivers, all in a […]

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HARMAN’s JBL Professional Enters Paging Horn Market with CSS-H15 and CSS-H30 Models

May 8, 2014

HARMAN’s JBL Professional has launched its new CSS-H15 (15-watt) and CSS-H30 (30-watt) paging horns — the first products from JBL specifically designed for the commercial sound paging horn market. Constructed of ABS with corrosion‐resistant all-stainless-steel mounting bracket and hardware, both models include a built‐in UL registered multi‐tap transformer (15‐watt for the H15, 30‐watt for the […]

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