DSP Concepts and LG Electronics Partner To Develop GP9 UltraGear Gaming Speaker

GP9 UltraGear Gaming Speaker DSP Concepts and LG ElectronicsDSP Concepts announced its work with LG Electronics to develop the UltraGear Gaming Speaker (GP9), the first gaming speaker with built-in voice communication running Audio Weaver TalkTogether technology. The GP9 speaker delivers full-duplex gameplay, which requires no headset. By partnering with DSP Concepts, LG has been able to accelerate the development process to bring the GP9 to market in less than a year.

The GP9 speaker has LG’s 3D Gaming Sound technology, which incorporates a head-related transfer function (HRTF) algorithm that optimizes the perception of spatial audio. GP9 also features Game Genre Optimizer with two modes to customize game audio to match what the user is playing. The device also features customizable RGB lighting that can display 16.8 million different colors.