You’re About to See Gorilla Glass Screens!

Screen Shot 2013 05 23 at 10.09.05 AM

In a first ever, Christie has integrated Corning’s Gorilla Glass into a forthcoming 55″ LCD display. Hidden above the show floor in a private suite, Christie took me to see a prototype of a new 55″ LCD where the company has bonded Gorilla Glass onto the surface of a screen that has less than a 6mm bezel. This not only creates a stunning image that appears to “pop” off the screen more than on a traditional screen rear-screen surface, but it can even accommodate a touch screen that has a completely rigid surface – like when you touch an iPhone. So, there’s no image warping, green-haze or surfaces that “mash” when you touch them.

This will debut first on a Christie product, but I think the industry will be impressed, with others following and integrating Gorilla Glass on to all sorts of video wall screen surfaces. The representative from Corning who was there in the suite explained to me that the company’s on Gorilla Glass version 3 and the next generation will be 5-7 times more rigid and strong than version 2 (the version currently on the iPhone, for example).

I am guessing we’ll see this by InfoComm and it’ll draw lots of crowds and positive comments by then. Here’s the preview video: