Google announces Buzz – the world’s newest social media tool

No question that social media is a part of today’s modern life, but who has enough time in the day to check Twitter, Facebook,FriendFeed, chat, Foursquare, texts, news links, and email?!?! Some of us try to do it all, but it takes work. To address this problem, Google has announced Buzz, a tool to help find “the signal in the noise” of social media content. They think it “shouldn’t be difficult to find the right audience for the content you have.”

There are many cool features of Buzz and there will be hundreds of articles and blog posts written about them today. Buzz takes elements from Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, Foursquare, and other social media apps, and integrates it with their Gmail email service. You can share links, photos, life updates, news, and more, as well as get real-time notification of comments. And what I’ve outlined here is only scratching the surface.

What I’m interested in is how Buzz can be used in the AV industry. (I had high hopes for Google Wave, but that’s a whole other post for another day.) The most obvious application to AV is the location-based Buzzing. You can look on a map and see what people in your area are talking about – useful for a front of house engineer at a concert to take a real-time pulse of whether the audience likes his or her mix. Or an integration firm can use geotagged photos of their projects to show clients their footprint in a given area via Google Maps and also show what people are saying about each facility.

The other nugget of news in today’s announcement is that Google will launch an enterprise version of Buzz in the future.

The Google Buzz page is now live, although they will roll out the service to Gmail users over the next couple of days.

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