Fulcrum Acoustic Completes Acquisition of Venueflex, Introduces Fulcrum Immersive

fulcrum acoustic fulcrum immersive

Fulcrum Acoustic just announced the formation of Fulcrum Immersive. Fulcrum Immersive is the result of Fulcrum Acoustic’s acquisition of Concord, North Carolina-based Venueflex. The goal of the acquisition is to “provide a complete set of hardware and software tools that enable designers and integrators to design and deploy immersive solutions in a modular, scalable manner from small to large.”

Fulcrum Immersive says its technologies tailor venues for optimum performance and, in the process, promote a higher level of audience engagement and a more consistent audience experience. The holistic approach includes software modeling tools, hardware and software signal processing modules, loudspeakers, amplifiers and acoustic treatments that completely address project requirements from conception through installation. In addition to the technological aspects of the acquisition, Fulcrum Immersive gains the expertise of sales, technical and customer service personnel.

Fulcrum Immersive is explained in detail here: