Fulcrum Launches Fulcrum One Software Suite


Fulcrum launched a software suite dubbed Fulcrum One, an all-in-one design, simulation and control software. The company says Fulcrum One is a complete software solution for the design, simulation and control of acoustics, loudspeaker and immersive systems.

Fulcrum says Fulcrum One allows for designing and modeling sound reinforcement systems, immersive audio installations and room acoustics. Its user interface also allows for the tuning, optimization, deployment and control of conventional and immersive audio systems in one application. In fact, a tech can design, plan and arrange speakers, acoustical treatments and immersive components in 3D and test them, virtually, before deployment. Fulcrum says this allows a system tech to predict how a sound system will behave in different configurations and acoustical conditions.

Fulcrum One is free and can be downloaded here: