Flex Rental Solutions Announces New Gear Tracking Product

Flex Rental Solutions announced today that it will be launching a special edition of its flagship product. Flex Gear Tracking Solution (Flex GTS) was created exclusively for companies and organizations that need to track their physical assets and materials — but not their sales, finances or crew.

Flex GTS harnesses the powerful functionality of Flex’s trusted rental management product minus the financial components — such as quoting and invoicing. This special edition comes with features like inventory scanning, location tracking, availability viewing and maintenance monitoring.

Flex GTS was created to accommodate the needs of a growing user segment in search of a simple and practical solution for tracking and managing their physical and material assets. Users can easily view important information like availability, container location, item location, quantity on hand, barcodes and serial number.

Flex Rental says that its Flex GTS is already being used by churches, universities and small event production companies.

Here are the details.