Famed Singer Dellé Monitors with Mackie AXIS

Bad Oeynhausen, Germany-September 2017… Best known as one of the three lead singers in the glossy, platinum-selling German hip-hop, reggae, and dancehall band Seeed, Frank Dellé (aka Eased) also maintains an active solo career. Backed by a nine-piece band, Dellé has been touring in support of his latest solo album, Neo.

In addition to many years of touring as a musician, the multitalented Dellé has worked as a film and audio engineer. So, when he sought a monitor-mixing system for his Neo tour, Dellé quickly recognized the advantages of the Mackie AXIS™ digital mixing system. AXIS consists of a Mackie® DL32R™ 32-channel rack-mount digital mixer, mated with Mackie’s DC16™ Dante™-enabled control surface and Master Fader wireless control app for iPhone and iPad. The DC16 offers fast, direct access to the DL32R’s features, while providing large, clear, high-resolution visual feedback and the ability to extensively customize your mix environment.

“One attraction of the Mackie AXIS system is that it’s small,” Dellé observes. “That makes it easy to bring the system with us for our entire European tour. We put it in a box and, fly to Barcelona, so we never have to rely on someone else’s monitor system. Since we can save all of the settings, setup is fast and easy, we can handle quick changeovers at festival gigs with no problem, and we start with the same basic monitor mixes at every show.” Because the AXIS can be controlled both with the DC16 hardware and Master Fader software, the monitor engineer can move around the venue when necessary, while remaining in control of the system.

Another benefit is the AXIS system’s straightforward design, which enables monitor engineers to easily see and understand what’s happening, reports Dellé. “At one point, we had to change monitor engineers shortly before a gig, and the new engineer was able to step in and handle the monitor mixes right away. Master Fader can be operated offline, so he figured out the software offline before the gig. After that, the DC16’s visual displays were so clear and self-explanatory that he had no problem operating it despite not having previous experience on the system.”

One expects a top musician to be aware of sound quality but Dellé thinks about it from an engineering viewpoint as well. “The DL32R sounds fantastic,” he avers. “To my ears, it doesn’t sound much different than bigger, much more expensive systems. It’s not always size that matters. Our monitor sound is clear, clean, and very accurate. The DL32R is well equipped with compressors and EQs, too, so we can get our sound just right.”

Although its sound quality, portability, and feature set would be more than enough, Dellé is quite pleased with another aspect of the AXIS. “Seeed has gotten big and uses a lot of expensive stuff but for my tour, I had to bring it back to the nitty-gritty. But of course, you can’t lose the quality,” he states. “That’s why I use the Mackie AXIS. A top-quality professional system as amazing as the Mackie AXIS at such an affordable price is an unbeatable value. I couldn’t be happier.”

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