Evoko Announces Kleeo Desk Manager

EVOKO Kleeo Graphic 01

Evoko announced something called Kleeo desk manager, a desk booking product. Here, watch this video on Kleeoas this explains it all:

Key Features:

  • Users can interact with Kleeo directly on the device’s interface or via an app. The physical device is designed to create a minimum distraction with easily identifiable desk status via four different status light colors; it has a built-in presence sensor; is easily repairable and recyclable; has low maintenance and a long service plan, and integrates seamlessly with Evoko’s Workplace platform and apps.
  • Users get easy booking options without restrictions with functions such as “focus mode” and “automatic check-in”, upgradeable software with new features for even more flexibility, and peace of mind for workers and employers. Evoko says Kleeo is easily integrated and a natural part of the users’ workplace routines, the experience can start already outside of the office with the
  • Employers can better understand how their space is being used, which desks are preferred, when are office desks limited, and which days are best for working from home to optimize the office space from both a satisfaction and cost perspective, as this is one of the major costs for many organizations.
  • In the development of Kleeo, Evoko teamed up with the Swedish product innovation agency, Above, which work with Google, IKEA, and Bang & Olufsen among others.

Evoko will be available for purchase in the U.S. and EU via selected resellers on May 10, 2022. Recommended retail price for Kleeo desk manager: 2095 SEK, 199 EUR, 239 USD.